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Mares Prestige 15X Regulator Review


In the scuba diving world, size does matter especially when it comes to diving regulators. This Mares Prestige 15X review shows how the compact-sized and heavily reliable 15X has confidently passed the gamut of an ordinary regulator. Without a pinch of bias, the Mares Prestige can confidently pass as a super quality and robust performance diving regulator.

I am not careful to say that the Prestige 15X is indeed a prestigious regulator that features the Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) system thus creating a powerful reach that meets the demand of all diver regardless of the depth or condition of the water. For achieving the most natural breathing while diving, Mares’ Vortex Assisted Design system is poised to deliver a seamless breathing session for divers using the Prestige 15X.

Mares Prestige 15X Review

Although well suited for any kind of diving, the Mares Prestige 15X is more of a recreational diving regulator. Its second stage is medium-sized and made of super light techno-polymer material that guarantees an efficient working and very impressive delivery. This regulator is available in DIN and INT fitting that makes it well fitted for all that your recreational diving requires.

It has better-positioned pressure ports (four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports) which are ingeniously oriented for a very good hose distribution. All the valves on this regulator are also fashioned to serve a very reliable role and deliver advanced performance for the divers who opt for the 15X as their ideal diving regulator.

It satisfies diversified demands of divers concerning different depths. An absolutely new valve ensures advanced performance and longevity. The 2nd stage medium-size is built from lightweight technopolymer. It is easy to use large-size purge button with gloved hands. The VAD mechanism delivers natural and excellent inhalation at the required depth. For maximum flexibility and comfort, the lightweight hose works wonders. Environmentally sealed first stage marine brass regulator is chrome plated. The balanced diaphragm membrane transfers pressure modifications to the interior system reducing the need for water to go in the complex mechanism. The Mares Prestige New 15X Regulator is designed to optimize reliability, performance, and safety.

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First Stage Balanced Diaphragm
LP Ports 4 Low Pressure 3/8 Inches Thread
HP Ports 2 High Pressure 7/16 Inches Thread
Second Stage Type Downstream Demand Valve
Material First Stage: Chromed Brass, Second Stage: Techno-Polymer and Polyurethane
Hose Thread 3/8 Inches
Hose Length 31.5 Inches (80 cm)
Total Weight 34oz (965 g)

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  • Compact & Lightweight 15X Regulator
  • High Performance
  • Ideal Regulator for Travel
  • Item Weight: 34-ounce (965g)
  • 3/8″ Threaded Super-Flex 31.5″ (80 cm) Hose
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • Mares 15X 1st Stage:
  • 100% Balanced Diaphragm
  • DFC System
  • Marine Grade Chromed Brass
  • Inherently Sealed Eco-Friendly Design
  • Maximum Protection against Contaminants, Pool Acid, Chlorine, Salt & Sand
  • Pre-Tilting Pressure Ports
  • Advanced Tri-Material Coated Valve Technology
  • 2 x HP Ports & 4 x LP Ports
  • Mares Prestige Second Stage:
  • Soft Clearing Diaphragm w-Mesh Grid
  • Stylish & Mid-Sized
  • Vortex Assisted Design Technology
  • Reliable Downstream Demand Unique Valve Design
  • Dynamic Fluid Deflector
  • Effortless & Very Natural Inhalation
  • Mouthpiece & Hose Reduce Jaw Fatigue

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Pros and Cons

  • Delivers Natural-Like Breathing
  • Revolutionary Second Stage Design
  • Sealed First Stage From Contaminants
  • Provides Shorter Decompression Times By Switching Gas During Dives
  • Better Arrangement Of Hoses
  • Precise Control Based On VAD System

  • A Little Too Technical In Use
  • May Not Perform Well For Professional Dives, It Is Best Fitted For Recreational Dives


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Editors’ Opinion

The Mares Prestige 15X is a sophisticated and highly durable regulator that every recreational divers should have. It is just designed for you.

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