Atomic Aquatic T3 Regulator

A Review

Atomic Aquatic T3 Regulator Review


As a titanium alloy fabricated regulator, the Atomic Aquatic T3 is a turbo-charged super-efficient scuba diving gear that is as exotic as it is dynamic. Much more than just delivering top-notch regulatory service, the titanium metal it is made with gives it an extraordinarily excellent corrosion resistant that a few other regulator models can boast of. This Atomic Aquatic T3 regulator review will expose some of the outstanding features and specs that made it stand tall in the world of scuba diving regulators.

By all indications, the T3 is an introduction of cutting-edge standard in the record of titanium regulators that makes it undisputedly one of the best regulators a diver can have. Although relatively pricey, the unparalleled reliability and performance that the T3 deliver is a good compensation for any diver opting to buy it. Whether for travel or local diving, its lightweight feature and reliable material make the Atomic Aquatic T3 regulator an entirely confident choice for all type of diving.

Atomic Aquatic T3 Regulator Review

This premium grade regulator is designed with the keenest attention and precision throughout the manufacturing stage which guarantees that the regulator will deliver the best possible breathing experience. For more assurance, the first stage and second stage components are fabricated from blocks of solid titanium alloy which see to it that the regulator provides premium longevity, reliability and incredibly low weight. To further show the confidence that Atomic Aquatic has in the T3, divers are given a 3 year or 300 dive servicing interval whichever comes first’ just so you don’t have to worry.

It has a first stage that parades a special ‘Jet Seat’ piston which makes the optimal flow of gas very easy and possible. With the first showing two high pressured ports and five low-pressure ports on the end cap, divers who opt for the T3 are given a world-class treat and high-end gear. The T3 Second Stage has a titanium ‘seat saving’ orifice which helps extend the life of the seat for a longer time of use. A soft adjustment knob allows you to rapidly change the breathing resistance of the regulator if needed. Breathing effort is lowered thanks to a high-flow case and special level design, providing a smooth, easy breath at all depths and temperatures

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Weight First and Second Stage 794g (1.75lbs)
First Stage Balanced, Flow-Through Piston
Intermediate Pressure 125-145 PSI (8.6 – 10 bars)
Body Material Titanium Alloy
Piston Material Monel
O-Ring Fluorocarbon
Maximum Pressure Rating 3500 PSI (241 bar) with Yoke connection

4350 PSI (300 bar) with DIN connection

Second Stage Balanced, Linear Flow
Demand Valve, Lever, orifice Titanium
Diaphragm/Exhaust Valve Silicone Rubber
Hose Length – Standard 32 inches Swivel
Hose Length – Octopus 32 inches Swivel

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    • The T3 has a solid 3-Year or 300-Dive Service Interval Non-contingent Lifetime Warranty
    • Ultra-Light parts – The T3 has a first-stage yoke that is designed with only relevant material and the second-stage parts which optimized to make the regulator one of the lightest on the market
    • First and second stage components are precision-machined from solid titanium billet.
    • Patented all-titanium “comfort” swivel with Black PVD coating.
    • High-flow second stage case and lever design significantly lower breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to “beyond the limits.”
    • PVD coated metal-accent front cover ring, lightweight adjustment knob, and AFC cover.
    • Factory sealed first stage prevents external contamination from silt and sand.
    • Atomic Aquatics’ exclusive “Jet Seat” first stage high flow piston
    • Deluxe padded travel bag
    • Nitrox ready up to 40%
    • Patented Atomic Aquatics “Seat Saving ”
    • Patented Automatic Flow Control (AFC)

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Pros and Cons

  • PROS:
    • Super-light Regulator For The Most Dynamic Experience
    • Possess A Soft Adjustment Knob For Easier Change Of Breathing Resistance
    • Strong and Highly Corrosion Resistant
    • 3-Years or 300 Dive Warranty

    • Relatively Pricey

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Editors’ Opinion

If you will give anything to have a world-class dynamic regulator that gives you nothing but the best in diving and breathing experience, then the Atomic T3 is your best bet.

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