Hollis Surface Marker Buoy

A Review

Hollis Surface Marker Buoy Review


Many surface marker buoys have been paraded as a very sophisticated and dynamic for marking scuba divers location underwater, but this one right here takes that to a whole new level. The Hollis surface marker buoy is designed with intricate features that make it not only sophisticated but very ergonomic and useful to scuba divers who make it their choice. In this Hollis surface marker buoy review, we will be enunciating on the excellent features and quality that this exceptional SMB brings to the table.

Designed with a self-sealing opening feature, the Hollis SMB is crafted to prevent the unnecessary release of gas while still keeping it from deflating when at the surface of the water. For sure, that is taking dynamism to a whole new level. The presence of an over pressurization valve makes sure that any excess gas is automatically vented so as to prevent any damage whatsoever. This also allows you to manually deflate the SMB.

For when you need to maneuver the inflation of the Hollis surface marker buoy, you can count on the positioning of the hose / oral inflator attachment which allows you to inflate the promptly using the quick disconnect hose or manually inflated if required.

The Hollis Compact Surface Marker Buoy is a closed cell SMB fitted with over-pressurisation valve, oral/quick disconnect inflation attachment, stainless steel securing ring and elasticated loop to roll the SMB for storage.

The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is a great safety device that all serious divers carry on every dive. The SMB is the smart way for a diver to mark their location when making safety stops, completing mandatory decompression stops and signaling the boat if they surface a distance away from the boat. The Hollis SMB is brightly colored for easy recognition from a distance.

Hollis Surface Marker Buoy Review

The buoy is a closed cell design made from a durable 300-D Polyester material with radio frequency (RF) welded seams. The SMB is equipped with an oral inflation and quick dump valve for total control of the Device. The Hollis SMB also has a sturdy nylon webbing strap loop with a stainless steel D-ring for attachment to a reel or anchor line along with a wrist lanyard for handheld use. Marker buoy is 6′ (1.8 meters) tall and is available with or without a sling pouch.

This SMB is best suited for recreational and advanced divers alike because it is designed to deliver efficiency regardless. It comes in two colors: orange and yellow and has a 50 ft. line and reel in the kit.

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Material 300 Denier Polyester With Radio Frequency Welded Seams
Dimension Height 6 Inches (1.8 Meters)
Color Orange And Yellow
Storage Bag One Model Sling Pouch
Weight 0.75 lbs.

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  •  Great Safety Device Used by Serious Divers
  • Carry on Every-Dive
  • Smart-Way for Diver to Mark Location
  • Great for Safety Stops, Decompression-Stops and Signaling the Boat
  • Bright-Orange for Easy Recognition
  • Closed Cell Design
  • Durable 300-D Polyester with Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams
  • Oral Inflation and Quick Dump Valve
  • Sturdy Nylon Webbing Strap Loop with Stainless Steel D-Ring
  • Wrist Lanyard for Hand-Held Use
  • Height: 6 Inches (1.8 meters)

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Pros and Cons

  • Safely marks location during safety stops
  • High visibility bright orange color
  • Oral inflation and quick dump valve
  • 300-D Polyester with closed cell design

  • More suited for advanced scuba divers to the detriment of recreational divers


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Editors’ Opinion

Designed with a self-sealing opening feature, the Hollis SMB is crafted to prevent the unnecessary release of gas while still keeping it from deflating when at the surface of the water.

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