Blue Reef Surface Marker Buoy

A Review

Blue Reef Surface Marker Buoy Review


Surface marker buoys are just more than surface marking devices, they act as safety kit too. Therefore, a safety buoy is a must-have for every diver, regardless of their experience level. The Blue Reef surface marker buoy is a valid example of a standard SMB that also serve well as a safety buoy. In this Blue Reef surface marker buoy review, we shall expound on the qualities and attractive features that make this high-grade SMB a fascinating choice for many scuba divers.

The compact design of the Blue Reef SMB makes a fanciful gear to take along on every dive. Its highly visible yellow color makes it very conspicuous for boats and other scuba divers to see at a distance. To pack, it can be rolled up into a small sized ball that can fit snugly into a large pocket or easily strapped to your BCD. It is very compact that you won’t even notice it is on you until you need it.

It can be inflated to a large size and is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and turbulent waters. You will definitely find the easy-to-use oral inflation valve and lock very useful to ensure your SMB is working well. A D-ring on top allows you to attach a light or strobe to the top for added visibility and security. For additional safety, there is even a second inflation option in case of emergency. This signal tube even comes with a two-year warranty.

If at all a diver is to use a safety gear like the surface marker buoy, they should go for the best that makes good on the promise of marking their dive location adequately. Blue Reef Diver Deluxe SMB is a smart device that efficiently serves the purpose of marking your location and also aiding your ascent when you need to surface.

Designed to fits properly in any pocket, it possesses the capacity to be long enough at inflation for onlookers to notice it from a far place. By this, the diver is assured that his location will be apparent to fellow divers, oncoming boats and sundry individuals who need to know that a diver is below the surface.

Blue Reef Surface Marker Buoy Review

Blue Reef surface marker buoy features an easy to use oral inflation valve with lock to prevent accidental deflation as well as a larger over pressure/dump valve. It is also equipped with a D-ring at the top for safely attaching a light, strobe or chemical light so the marker can be more conspicuous at night. The deluxe model also features a unique “no spill” second stage inflation option for quick-and-easy inflation from any second stage regulator.

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Dimension Length: 6′ (1.83 Meter)
Color Neon Yellow or Hi-Viz Orange
Inflation Valve Oral Inflator Valve
Over-Pressure Relief Valve Present
Manual Dump Valve Present
Light Attachment Present


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  • Great Safety Device Used by Serious Divers
  • Carry on Every-Dive
  • Smart-Way for Diver to Mark Location
  • Great for Safety Stops, Decompression-Stops and Signaling the Boat
  • Dimensions: 6′ (183 meters) Long
  • Stowed Easily in Large BCD Pocket or Clipped Out-of-the-Way on BCD
  • Easily Seen from a Distance
  • Colors: Neon Yellow or Hi Viz Orange
  • Conveniently Labeled with “Diver Below”
  • Easy to Use Oral Inflator with Lock to Prevent-Accidental Deflation
  • Over-Pressure/Dump Valve
  • Top D-Ring for Attachment of Light, Strobe or Chemical Light when Night Diving
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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Pros and Cons

  • Helps to mark diver location
  • For signaling, safety and decompression stops
  • Easy to stow in BCD pocket when not in use
  • Neon yellow or high visibility orange
  • Lock prevents accidental deflation

  • May not be too visible on very dark nights


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Editors’ Opinion

The compact design of the Blue Reef SMB makes a fanciful gear to take along on every dive.

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