Revo III Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Review

Revo III Closed Circuit Rebreather Review


The rEvo III CCR is a designed to be operated based on the CMF principle: (constant mass flow). This means that a consistent outflow of oxygen is released into the breathing loop of the scuba rebreather. The flow rate is high enough to provide a diver in rest with a life-sustaining breathable oxygen flow. By this, it is understandable that the Revo III is a high tech kit that gives sufficient assurance to scuba divers who opt for this high-end rebreather set. In our Revo III CCR review, we do a critical appraisal of the dynamism of its functionality and advantages while touching on grey area like the demerits of this rebreather too.

Being a perfectly tailored gear fit to attend to the precise need of every scuba diver that uses it, the Revo III allows the flow rate to be adjusted based on the perceived need of the diver. But at any time, the flow is maintained at a precise level that is small enough to be safely used by the diver. The Revo gives divers the control and monitoring abilities of the PPO2 which keeps them constantly notified of the status through the LED indication of the HUD and their handsets.

As have been outlined earlier, the diver can always manually add oxygen through the oxygen addition valve to maintain the desired PPO2 level at all time. This gear is a very easy rebreather to setup, use and maintain because the diver is given access to all the parts of the gear.

Revo III CCR Review

The Revo III features a unique dual scrubber system that has the advantage of cutting off the need for a traditional tube style that single scrubbers use by half. In turn, it reduces the overall width of the rebreather thereby making it more compact and lightweight.  This is surely a good development for divers who need to go between cracks and wreckages underwater. The reduced size of the Revo rebreather due to this substitution provides a whole lot of advantage.

Revo III is not just a highly machined kit, it is also designed with keen attention to tiny details that are aimed at making life very easy and convenient for every scuba divers that use the Revo. An example is the stylized top nut marker that clearly indicates the position where each scrubber should go to. With this seemingly little action, a whole lot time is saved and more effectiveness is guaranteed for the every second that a diver invest in getting set for their dive.

Another aspect of the Revo design that points at a crucial attention to users’ comfort and convenience is its backplate/harness. The Revo III comes with custom-made backplate/harness system. This design specifically allows the back of the diver to be closer to the mounting surface as much as it is close to the counter-lung behind him. With this, the diver does not need to perform a harder work while breathing.

Worthy of mention is the intricately designed yet highly sophisticated Manual Add Valve design of the Revo III. It has a three button MAV which allows the diver to manually inject oxygen or diluents in the rebreather as at when needed. In the same vein, you can also leverage the off-board function to add gas from a secondary source through the low-pressure inflator.

Finally, there is heavy-duty stainless steel handle that allows you to have a secured grip and better lifting ability. Much more than just serving the purpose of lifting the kit, this stainless steel handle helps to protect the hoses and the wiring that is situated at the top of the Revo. Close by is the integrated weight system, a pocket that can hold some 8 lbs. of weight in case you need more weight.

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Counter-lung Back-Mounted
Maximum Depth 40 Meters with Diluent Air
Scrubber Material Sofnolime 797
Scrubber Duration 2 Hours
Weight 17 kg (When Empty)
Tank Capacity 2 – 3 Liters

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  • Slim design is well fitted for cave and wreckage diving
  • Possesses a unique dual scrubbing system
  • Constant oxygen flow leveraging the orifice, manual oxygen and diluent and auto diluent valve
  • Two independent PPO2 monitors
  • Head-Up Display has LED indicators
  • Tightly attached mouthpiece
  • The backplate is ergonomically integrated for reduced work of breathing

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Pros and Cons

  • It has unique scrubber system designed for maximum safety
  • Presence of dual scrubber for more efficient output

  • Possess metal frame and case that are prone to rust


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Editors’ Opinion

The flow rate in the Revo III is high enough to provide a diver in rest with a life-sustaining breathable oxygen flow. By this, it is understandable that the Revo III is a high tech kit that gives sufficient assurance to scuba divers who opt for this high end rebreather set

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