Megalodon Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Review

Megalodon Closed Circuit Rebreather Review


The Megalodon closed circuit rebreather is a super classy diving gear that is exceptionally robust in delivery and makeup. The entire solid part is machined from solid anodized alloy for more assured durability and longevity of use. This makes it a competitive choice of close circuit rebreather for any diver needs one. In this Megalodon CCR review, we discussed extensively on the dynamism of this great rebreather and highlighted some of its advantages over other rebreathers while hinting a few cons about it too.

Megalodon CCR’s reputation precedes it as one of the most reliable rebreathers which have proven its ability to withstand extreme use and weather. Designed with two sets of independent handsets, the Megalodon also has a separate battery pack that provides the best user-friendly experience and the most outstanding flexibility ever. Scuba divers who deem it fit can decide to upgrade the kit if they choose to. It also has an analog electronics that makes it one of the most reliable electronic rebreather in the industry

When in use, a scuba diver can easily integrate the Megalodon with several other types of electronic systems for more effective functionality. Examples of such include scrubber sizes and types, gas supply cylinders, harness and BC assemblies. There is really no limitation to this Mega rebreather. The Megalodon comes in 21 versions to provide maximum support to customer needs.

It is well fitted for use as a side mounted system for penetration into extreme enclosed spaces and can also be tweaked to double as a twin system for CCR redundancy in extreme deep diving operations. This is highly practicable for instances where carrying open circuit bailout is largely impractical. The ISC Megalodon CCR or more fondly called “The Meg” is a closed circuit rebreather system that has been loved and used by scuba divers of all skill levels the world over.

Divers who use the Megalodon can safely dive from 60fsw to over 742fsw / 225msw. Crafted with high-end versatility in mind, it can be configured to meet any level of diving and keep pace with the skill levels and experience of any diver type – recreational, professional, military, etc.

Megalodon CCR Review

From the design stage, the Megalodon was crafted to efficiently work for highly demanding dives with much consideration for any dive type and any divers’ breathing needs. Addressing not only the necessary requirements of performance that a true 3rd party tested CCR must undergo but also the other factors that are not considered, such as travel concerns and conducting repairs in remote locations.

For further assurance of efficiency and unparalleled delivery, the Meg is built with two independent handsets which have independent batteries packs for more elongated power time. If a diver chooses to, they can upgrade one of the handsets to a Shearwater Petrel based on preference and still have the best bespoke breathing experience that is reserved for every Megalodon user.

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Counter-lung Over-The-Shoulder
Handset APEKS 4 Primary Color Handset
Heads Up Display One LED HUD
Scrubber Duration 3 Hours
Weight Scrubber 2.5 kg
Counter Lung Capacity 8 Liters


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  • Made out of anodized alloy
  • Possesses axial scrubber
  • Scrubber is upgradeable
  • Can be fitted with cylinder ranging from 2 liters to 7 liters
  • Has APEKS US4 first stage
  • Can stand 100 – 200 meters of depth and beyond
  • Possesses off-board connectors
  • Possesses automatic set points with HUD
  • Designed with independent handsets and stand-alone batteries

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Pros and Cons

  • Highly sturdy build up for unparalleled durability
  • Designed with independent handsets
  • Highly reliable and robust in delivery
  • Easy maintenance and fitting

  • Slightly heavy on the butt side
  • Cannot stand upright
  • Does not have a decompression computer


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Editors’ Opinion

Megalodon CCR’s reputation precedes it as one of the most reliable rebreathers which have proven its ability to withstand extreme use and weather. Considering these, we can’t help but give it a pass mark as one of the best closed circuit rebreathers out there today.

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