JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Review

JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather Review


The JJ Close Circuit rebreather comes packed with a Shearwater Petrel display computer as it primary handset. The all-new HUD acts as a potent backup for this great rebreather and is also a virtual standalone which has its own independent battery supply and processor. Although quite a number of scuba divers have adjudged, the JJ CCR is a relatively large and cumbersome gear to have on mainly because of the stainless steel handle and stand, it still forms a useful part of a divers’ option for the most sophisticated rebreather out there today. In this JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather review, we how that It is a very efficient scuba rebreather that guarantees one of the best experience. It has the hose neatly tucked away behind the wing and counterlungs.

Highly user-friendly, robust in features, versatile in usability and adaptable for any kind of scuba diving conditions, the JJ CCR is a choice rebreather for every scuba diver who wants to do some really serious and deep diving. Just like all of the rebreather that makes it to our list of best scuba rebreather, the JJ CCR is ready to use straight right out of the box.

This dynamic rebreather is crafted to suit the purpose of every diver that chooses it as their rebreather option and delivers some sophisticated and state-of-the-art electronics that has an enormous power supply and well protected heavy-duty constructions. In design, the JJ CCR is a relatively slim and simple to use rebreather that is fitted to accommodate bailout, light canister or gas directly into the scrubber housing. Now, that is some innovation to a scuba rebreather.

JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather Review

The JJ close circuit rebreather kit has a stainless steel frame that makes it possess a free standing posture that gives the owner the convenience of upright positioning when not in use. Aside from this, on a closer examination, you will see that all the parts are machined and tightly screwed for premium satisfaction. However, I need to point out that the JJ CCR is quite heavy when compared to other rebreathers available today. That is not to say that it will impact the efficiency of the rebreather though.

The design of the counterlung of the JJ CCR is specially machined to deliver easier inhalation and also provide the benefit of an uncluttered chest area. Although this is a constant feature of every back-mounted counterlung, it took a better turn in the JJ closed circuit rebreather. A scuba diver can bank on the inhalation bag that is carefully positioned on the top and over their shoulders.

Electronic control is a major thing in any rebreather, the case of the JJ close circuit is not an exception. The underneath of the computer head shows three sensors that can be used to control your oxygen levels while the oxygen-controlled solenoid valve is positioned adjacent to the sensor.

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Counterlung Back-Mounted
Weight System Integrated Weight Harness
Scrubber Flow Design Axial
Battery One for the controller, one for the HUD and two for the Solenoid
Handset Shearwater Petrel
Weight 25 kg.


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  • Robust aluminum covering for maximum protection
  • Can secure up to four diving tanks
  • Possesses self-filling lime canisters
  • Sturdy shape that gives it an upright standing position
  • Integrated handle for easy carriage
  • Robust power supply from it optimal batteries
  • Integrated automatic diluent valves (ADV)
  • Possesses dive surface valves (DSV)
  • Comes with Shearwater Petrel computer
  • Shearwater’s Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Reliable control with integrated multi-gas decompression computer
  • Manual oxygen feeding valve
  • Crafted with APEK US4 first stage

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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to dive with when compared with other rebreathers out there
  • Machined from durable anodized alloy
  • Dive depth of 200 meters and beyond

  • Relatively heavy


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Editors’ Opinion

There is no mincing words about the JJ closed circuit rebreather. It is highly user-friendly, robust in features, versatile in usability and adaptable for any kind of scuba diving conditions. It is a choice rebreather for every scuba diver who wants to do some really serious and deep diving

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