AP Inspiration EVP Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Review

AP Inspiration EVP Closed Circuit Rebreather Review


The AP inspiration EVP closed circuit rebreather is a total ready to use kit that comes prepared for instant use right out of the box. This makes it a very sophisticated and highly advanced rebreather system of choice for every scuba diver. In our AP Inspiration EVP CCR review, we expose the custom qualities and exceptional features of this amazingly dynamic rebreather while touching on some of its pros and cons too. Come along as we delve into this extensive review of the AP Inspiration EVP CCR.

The fact that the AP Inspiration is a ready-to-use kit makes it totally different and more user-friendly than most other rebreathers available on the market today. This means that the scuba diver does not need to start assembling and coupling parts to use the AP Inspiration. Everything one will need to fully enjoy the usage of the rebreather has been installed, fitted and packed for instant use. We find this highly commendable on the part of the AP Inspiration team, and it counts for the reason why it makes it to our best scuba rebreather list.

Another cool thing about the AP Inspiration is its custom design feature it offers. Every Inspiration rebreather from AP is custom-designed and built for to specific requirement for the scuba diver. This makes it the height of personalized scuba diving experience for divers who opt for this high-end rebreather. Once purchased, you have a rebreather that is crafted to fit your body size, frame, and diving plan. So you do not have to worry about fitness and friendly user experience.

AP Inspiration EVP CCR review

Moving on, the harness of this super remarkable rebreather is a real wonder. Each is designed to fit the body of the diver in a much-secured way that makes it highly personalized and delivers unmatched comfort for its user. Furthermore, the rebreather comes with multiple D-Rings that makes it very easy for you to attach every needed kit like the side mount and other relevant accessories. You will also find the integrated weight pouches very appealing as can hold some 6kg. of weight in each pouch while featuring lifting handles that are big enough to be grabbed with much ease. It also comes with Fastex buckles for additional security.

Talking about the wing formation of this fantastic rebreather kit, it has a standard wing that measures some 16kg. of max lift and they come with 50mm stainless D-Rings by the side. These D-Rings can be combined with the Verti-clips which will allow for easier handling of the side slung tanks.

Since easy breathing while using a rebreather is not a factor to be handled lightly, the AP is designed for good quality flow of air offers more reduced breathing assistance. The high-quality breathing hoses are saddled with the responsibility of making this a reality. The hoses are highly flexible, have longer usage lifespan and are very durable in use. Although the hose is extremely toughened to withstand recurrent usage, this does not hinder its flexibility. This is shown in the fact that it can be squashed for testing in pre-dive loop tests.

It also has a screw-on fitting that connects the hose to your mouthpiece and T-piece with maximum assurance of security while being designed with different threads to dictate correct assembly. The exhale T-piece has an integral deflector. This directs every drop of water that inadvertently gets in through the mouthpiece, safely into the exhale counterlung.

For scuba divers that know their worth and desire an unequaled diver experience, I strongly recommend the Inspiration EVP Closed-Circuit Rebreather because it is a hybrid unit offering advantages from both stable-mates. The Inspiration EVP is a well-trusted model for sport, technical, travel or expedition diving and is an excellent all-rounder for divers who do a mix of dives or who want a smaller unit than the XPD while retaining its extended duration.

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Counterlung Over-The-Shoulder or Back-Mounted Counterlung
Weight System Integrated Weight Harness
Wing Weight 16 kg.
Inflator Type Manual Inflator
Visual Electronics Dual O2 Controllers and Head-Up Display
Outer Shell 1000 Denier Double-Stitched Cordura
Inner Bladder Toughened Yet Flexible HF Welded PU
Scrubber Size 2.5kg.
Weight 27.5kg.


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  • Patented Dual Oxygen Controllers: unique and essential
  • Dual Power Supplies: intelligently linked
  • Patented Fibre-Optic HUD: cannot fail due to flood
  • Audible Alarm: sits adjacent to the diver’s ear
  • Open Circuit Bailout (OCB): feed gas from either side
  • Front or Back-mounted Counterlungs: your choice
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case: superb impact protection
  • Auto Diluent Valve (ADV): reduces task-loading
  • Insulated Scrubber Canister: unique high performance
  • Dedicated Dive Planner: versatile, powerful, massive storage
  • CO2 Monitor: advanced safety
  • Scrubber Life Monitor: with visual display
  • Rechargeable Batteries: with rapid international charger
  • HUS – Head Up Screen: near-eye secondary display
  • The AP Vision dual oxygen controller package with wrist-mounted handset and Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Choice of Counterlungs – Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted
  • Cylinders, Hoses, First Stages and Case parts
  • Contents Gauges, Audible Alarm, and Manual Inflators
  • Integrated Weight Harness with thru-the-leg straps
  • 16kg Buoyancy Control Wing with Auto Air  – OC bailout valve
  • PC Download & Logviewer Software
  • OCB – Open Circuit Bailout Mouthpiece
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted Counterlungs
  • 22kg Wing (Inspiration XPD only)
  • 0.4-litre emergency mini-cylinder
  • Rebreather Lifting Bar
  • Gas Connector Systems

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Pros and Cons

  • Supreme comfort, adjustable fit
  • Super-secure integrated weight pockets
  • Through-the-legs crotch strap (or Scooter Strap option)
  • Available in 5 sizes

  • Very expensive to purchase


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Editors’ Opinion

For divers that know their worth and desire an unequaled diver experience, I strongly recommend the Inspiration EVP Closed-Circuit Rebreather because it is a hybrid unit offering advantages from both stable-mates.

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