Poseidon Blackline Scuba Diving Mask

A Review

Poseidon Blackline Scuba Diving Mask Review


If you desire some great level of wide angle visual that doesn’t have any interrupted feel to it, then your best shot is the Frameless Blackline. There can be no getting it wrong with this superior quality scuba diving mask. In this Poseidon Blackline mask review, we shall be discussing the intricate features and the inherent benefits of using a scuba mask like this one. Away from the features, we shall also be delving into the pros and cons that this dive mask has.

One of the primary features that makes the Poseidon get into our list of best scuba diving mask is the fact that it provides an uninterrupted wide-angle view and does so with enviable ease. Although many brands claim to deliver this too, uninterrupted view finds it true personification in the Blackline from Poseidon. It also has nose pocket that possesses large room for users to have enough ease clearing the surface. By all standards, it delivers ease of use that stands in a class of its own.

Furthermore, on the comfort of use that this high-grade mask delivers, you will instantly love the wide and refreshingly soft skirting that is designed into the Blackline. This allows you to have a comfortable use even when diving in turbulent waters. Many divers have agreed that comfort is one of the things that greatly enhance the overall performance of the diver when diving. In sync with that, the Poseidon Blackline scuba diving mask provides uses with an unparalleled comfort at any time.

In design, the mask offers a slightly downward tilt that makes it better positioned for high-grade visibility for users regardless of whatever angle the scuba diver takes when in the water. The shape and tilt of the Blackline give an overall ease and efficiency. Here is another reason why the Blackline dive mask from Poseidon ranks well on our list of reviewed dive mask. If one must use a dive mask, it is crucial that one takes a mask that will be as easy to use as it is convenient for the user. The Blackline has some cool user features that make quite enviable for everyone. Easy push-button buckle for easy donning and doffing and easy adjustment that makes it good for every kind of users.

Considering weight as a factor for delivering ease of use to scuba divers who want to use the Blackline from Poseidon, the fact that it is lightweight makes it an appealing option. The single lens feature further contributes to the vintage angular view that this great dive mask delivers to scuba divers.

Poseidon Blackline mask review

The silicone-designed frame is also a key contributory factor to the comfortable fitting that this mask has on the face of every user. There is no disputing the fact that every diver deserves to have the best vision when diving because it contributes to the overall performance. That is exactly what Poseidon aims for when they made the Blackline dive mask.

Combining two disparate features in one kit, Poseidon’s Low-Volume Single-Lens feature is something that most scuba diving manufacturers don’t combine. This impressive technological ingenuity gives divers the best of both worlds: low volume for easy clearance and a single lens for better vision field. These two powerful features are encapsulated in one good diving gear: Poseidon Black Line.

Designed with a double-feathered edge and a huge split strap, the Blackline dive mask from Poseidon gives scuba divers a magnificent seal on the face which guarantees that water won’t be seeping into the divers’ face. As a follow-up to the already appealing features of the Poseidon, it also comes with a secure head strap buckle that gives the mask a good grip on your head.

To summarize the characteristic and features of the Blackline, we say it is a high performing dive mask that combines great styling and design with high efficiency and comfort for users. Poseidon’s LVSL© technology gives you the best of both worlds with easy-to-clear low volume and a single lens in one frameless package.

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Window Style 1 Front Window
Materials Silicone
Glass Type Tempered Glass
Volume Low-Volume



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  • Ultra-Low Volume Design
  • Matte Black Mask Incorporates Unique, Lightweight Frameless Design
  • Single Lens with Slight Downwards Angle
  • Provide Unprecedented Field of Vision
  • Great Comfort for Most Face Types
  • Poseidon’s LVSL (Low-Volume Single-Lens) Technology
  • LVSL Technology: Best of Both Worlds w/Easy-to-Clear Low Volume, Single Lens
  • Silicone Double Feathered Edge Skirt
  • Wide Split Style Mask Strap
  • Feathered Edge Skirt and Split Strap Combined for Perfect Seal on Face
  • Single Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Large Easy-to-Reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Easy-Adjust Buckles for Quick and Hassle-Free Strap Adjustments

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Pros and Cons

  • Frameless, single tempered glass lens
  • Slight downwards lens angle
  • Wide field of vision
  • Accommodates most face types
  • Low volume mask construction
  • Single, tilted lens provides an enhanced field of vision.
  • Low volume makes clearing water easy.
  • Stylish looks will set you apart from the crowd.

  • Rather Expensive

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Editors’ Opinion

All divers will instantly love the wide and refreshingly soft skirting that is designed into the Blackline which allows you to have a comfortable use even when diving in turbulent waters.

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