Oceanic Cyanae Scuba Diving Mask

A Review

Oceanic Cyanea Scuba Diving Mask Review


The Oceanic Cyanea Mask is one of the latest masks from Oceanic that offers fantastic vision with its unique shape. A great comfortable mask on the face with a new style of elastic strap. This mask is ideal for the medium to wide faces, it will fit narrow faces but recommended to test the fit. In this Oceanic Cyanea mask review, we will be analyzing all the attributes that make this mask a great option for every level of scuba divers while highlighting its pros and cons too.

Comfort and durability go hand in hand when it comes to scuba diving, which is why Oceanic designed its Cyanea with chlorine resistant elasticated straps for more durability. Using a very delicate dual lens, Cyanea developed a bespoke shaped ultra-clear scuba diving mask that inherently optimizes the visual disposition of divers using it.

With this uniquely fabricating process, what you get is dive mask that delivers the best possible unimpaired visual acuity to divers while consistently repelling the penetration of impurities in whatever form they take. It has a slanted lens design which is intentionally designed to significantly improve the extent of your vision while underwater.

When scuba diving, one of the things you don’t want happening to you is your dive mask sliding off your face due to slacked straps of the unfitted mask on the overall. To forestall this occurrence Oceanic made the skirting of the Cyanea from a high-quality liquid silicone and combined that with double feathered edge and ridge that fastens to your face is a rugged grip while still possessing the flexible quality needed for comfort.

Oceanic Cyanea Mask ReviewTechnology and innovation are behind this minimalist frame and oversized lens, providing style, comfort and peripheral vision truly worthy of envy. The Oceanic Cyanea Mask was carefully designed to specifically address some simple problems that all scuba diving masks face, the field of vision, comfort and the snorkel retainer. These might seem like trivial things but by taking the time to think about these problems Oceanic has created a unique and superiorly comfortable fit.

The Cyanea uses a lightweight twin lens to hold uniquely shaped ultra-clear lenses that optimize the diver’s field of vision. The ultra-clear lenses incorporate fewer impurities, allowing more light to filter through the glass making everything seem brighter and colors more vibrant. The lenses have been slanted to allow significantly improved the lower visibility of equipment. The skirt is made from a very high-quality liquid silicone with a ridged and double feathered edge that provides crease resistance, flexibility, and superior sealing characteristics.

The Oceanic Cyanea is fitted with a ski goggle inspired UV and chlorine resistant elasticated strap that allows absolutely hassle free strap adjust and complete comfort during use. The strap uses a silicone grip to keep it securely in place during the dive. The strap also features a fixed elasticated snorkel loop that is angled to optimally place the snorkel and eliminate the need for bulky or tricky to use quick release clips. The mask lenses are tempered safety glass, the mask has a one handed easy to reach nose pocket for ear equalization and comes with a mask box.

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Window Style 2 Front
Material Silicone
Glass Made From High-Grade Tempered Glass
Container Comes In A Custom Box
Volume Low Volume
Weight 0.85 lbs. (with packaging)


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  • Ultra Clear Liquid Silicone
  • Superior Ultra-Clear Optical Glass
  • Tempered Safety Lenses
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Trouble Free Buckles
  • Double Feathered Edge Super-Soft Skirt
  • Liquid Silicone Skirt with Stability Ridges
  • UV & Chlorine Resistant Elastic Ski-Goggle Style Strap
  • Strap Provides Secure Fit and Comfort
  • Micro Frame Construction
  • Low Volume Design
  • Easy to Reach One Handed Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Integrated Snorkel Keeper, Keeps Snorkel in Ideal Position for Use
  • Comes In A Mask Box

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Pros and Cons

  • Ultra Clear Liquid Silicone
  • Liquid Silicone Skirt with Stability Ridges
  • Ski-Goggle Style Strap
  • Micro Frame Construction
  • 2 window design with tempered glass lens
  • Ultra clear optical glass provide real colors
  • Wide field of vision
  • Easy to use and adjust buckles

  • The strap can be a bit uncomfortable in the first few use


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Editors’ Opinion

Comfort and durability go hand in hand when it comes to scuba diving, which is why Oceanic designed its Cyanea with chlorine resistant elasticated straps for more durability.

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