Hyperflex Amp Scuba Diving Glove

A Review

Hyperflex Amp Scuba Diving Glove Review


The best scuba diving glove should provide a good level of warmth and also be very comfortable on the hand of the scuba diver. These are just a few of the excellent features that we consider keenly before making the selection of our best scuba gloves list. In our Hyperflex Amp glove review, we shall be discussing extensively on the robust abilities and the amazing qualities it avails users who opt for it.

Given our research and popular pools, the Amp gloves from Hyperflex still ranks as the warmest, softest, and the most technical pair of gloves in the HyperFlex lineup. There is no denying this as a fact. On top of that, it is way less costly when compared to popular gloves of far less efficiency than it. Aside from the favorable pricing difference, this awesome and excellent diving glove is made of 100% lightweight stretch neoprene material. This makes it deliver maximum flexibility and exert better control when in use. For further protection, its exterior seams are sealed and liquid taped so as to eliminate the slightest chance of cold water getting into it. Meanwhile, it also offers a very effective design technology at the palm area for strong grip.

What more could a scuba diver ask for in a great diving glove? Hyperflex Amp has got it all covered. As is typical of every new introduction, the Amp glove is the latest of the diving gloves from Hyperflex and as such features robust improvement in design, and construction. The flexibility it offers is way beyond reproach and question as this is leveraged on the quality of top grade neoprene it is made of. Being flexible also makes it very convenient to use by scuba divers of all grade and level.

Every scuba diver who has dived in wrecks and underwater caves will agree that the quality of grip that the glove in use offers is a huge factor for safety and well-being of the diver concerned. The Amp is crafted with the best of grip technology that makes it super-efficient and very well-suited to offer the best grip on any kind of surface. This is made possible because of the horizontal micro blocks that are positioned at the palm. These provide a great level of traction when used on any kind of surface.

As an additional benefit, the Hyperflex Amp is not only fitted for scuba diving alone; it is also very good as hand gloves for multiple sporting and water activities like paddle boarding, windsurfing, water snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. But getting back to the matter at hand, you have a good level of assurance of great warmth for your hands when you dive with this high-grade gloves. This is because of the seam it offers – glued and blindstitched so that it will supply strong heat to your palms regardless of the condition of the environment.

Hyperflex Amp Glove Review

As a final point or feature to me mentioned in this Hyperflex Amp review, I will touch on the durability and stability of this wonderful diving glove. Because of the liquid tape system of internally reinforced seams in use for this great glove, every diver that uses it is assured of a competent and very durable sturdy glove in their service.

The Hyperflex AMP gloves are built with a simple design yet they are very useful for a broad range of conditions and diver types. Having sealed seams that keep cold water out of your fingers, and minimal seam panels that give divers a longer lasting and more flexible experience the AMP is worth its salt as one of the best scuba gloves money can buy.

Hyperflex gloves are an excellent collection of kits that is fitting for all type of water diving activities from kiteboarding, surfing, snorkelling to scuba diving. They are also designed with a durable palm grip that gives divers a good level of grip for other kits or surfaces when diving.

Devised ingeniously, the AMP gloves gives divers the warmest, softest feel and have been adjudged as one of the most technical pairs of gloves in the HyperFlex lineup. They are made with 100% lightweight stretch neoprene for maximum flexibility and better control; sealed and liquid taped exterior seams to eliminate cold water flushing; and a hi-grip palm. By any standard of measurement, this glove is worth being on the list of best scuba gloves.

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Material Neoprene Rubber
Seams Glued, Blind Stitched And Exterior Liquid Taped
Weight 0.5 lbs.
Thickness 7 mm, 3 mm


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  • Top Shelf Performance Glove
  • Destined to be Best Seller in the HyperFlex Line
  • 100% Sealed Seams
  • Glued, Blind Stitched & Exterior Liquid Taped for Crucial Warmth in All-Conditions
  • Added Warmth and Durability
  • 100% Amp-Stretch Construction 100% Super-Stretch Material
  • Easy to Don and Doff
  • 3mm Neoprene
  • Exclusive Hex-Grip Palm
  • Horizontal Micro Blocks Provide Positive Traction on Boards & Bars

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Pros and Cons

  • 100% Sealed Seams
  • Glued, blind stitched and exterior liquid taped
  • 100% Amp-Stretch construction, Super-Stretch material
  • Hex-Grip palm
  • Horizontal Micro Blocks for traction

  • May be a little bogus on people with small hands


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Editors’ Opinion

Given our research and popular pools, the Amp gloves from Hyperflex still ranks as the warmest, softest, and the most technical pair of gloves in the HyperFlex lineup. There is no denying this as a fact.

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