Akona ArmorTex Scuba Diving Glove

A Review

Akona ArmorTex Scuba Diving Glove Review


To be considered as one of the best scuba diving gloves out there today, it is crucial that such glove has the ability to be stretched all ways. Much besides, it should be able to give comfort and the relevant warm needed through it every inch. Quick a few diving gloves can boast of such combination of features. We are happy and confident to proclaim that ArmorTex from Akona has been tried and tested to have all the above features and characteristic to a very great degree. In this Akona ArmorTex review, we analyzed its features and merits while still touching on some of the reason why scuba divers fancy it.

If you want the best comfort for your hands while still getting the best grip-ability from a diving glove, then Akona ArmorTex is your choice pick. Made from a nylon II quantum stretch neoprene material, Akona 5mm ArmorTex Tip glove has the great four-way stretch ability making it very effective. For further efficiency, it is then glued and blind stitched for a durable, water resistant finish. The ergonomic, pre-bent gloves offer you the best comfort obtainable in diving and allow for minimal water transfer.

Just so you get a good grip when diving in rocky terrain or wreckage area, the palm and fingertips of the ArmorTex are properly covered with quality fabric for maximum protection from punctures and cuts while continuing to provide maximum flexibility and comfort.

Akona ArmorTex review

The ArmorTex wraps around the tips of the fingers increasing the strength and durability of these critical wear areas. The gloves have skin-in cuffs to minimize water transfer with the Akona wetsuit wrist seals. The gloves are the most comfortable ArmorTex Gloves on the market today, and this is attested to by many professional and recreational scuba divers. You really should consider a glove like Akona if you care to have the best comfort in diving.

One of the uniqueness of Akona’s product features is the use of ArmorTex material – an extremely light and highly durable fabric. By all standards, Akona ArmorTex is, pound-for-pound, a full 10 times stronger than steel. What more guarantee of protection could a diver wish for? This material makes the ArmorTex gloves well suited for bonding onto typical stress points on clothing that experiences extensive wear, such as scuba gear.

Akona’s ArmorTex glove is lightweight and comfortable, utilizing ArmorTex on stress points like the palm and fingertips. By adding ArmorTex to these areas, rather than to the entire glove as with their All-ArmorTex Glove, the ArmorTex glove becomes lighter with better fit and an increased touch sensitivity, while maintaining material strength where it matters most.

The glove is made with a 4-way stretch type of neoprene, which allows for a much tighter fit. This, in turn, ensures better touch sensitivity, making it easier to operate line reels, computer buttons or other equipment. It also reduces water movement inside the glove, a key element when it comes to staying warm in any wetsuit material. The gloves come in a 3.5 mm version for temperate waters and a 5 mm for colder waters.

Both the stretch and the sensitivity is most apparent in the 3.5 mm version, but even in the 5 mm, you’ll get a much snugger fit than you would in most gloves without them being hard to put on or remove, a problem I’ve had with numerous gloves that aim for a similar snug fit. The combination of the fit and the tear-resistance makes these gloves an ideal choice for wreck dives, where even the sharpest bit of exposed metal would have a hard time penetrating the palm (do watch where you put your hand, of course).

The gloves would be too warm, strictly speaking, for tropical waters, but you could still use the 3.5 mm gloves for a Caribbean wreck dive. All in all, these gloves live up to their promise, and at the price, they’re a good option for your next pair, regardless of whether you choose them for the fit or the protection.

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Material ArmorTex Neoprene
Seams Sewn
Closure Hook and Loop Fastener Elastic Wrist Strap
Weight 0.2 lbs.
Thickness 5 mm, 3 mm

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  • Premium ArmorTex Construction
  • Unparalleled-Protection
  • Designed Extremely Strong and Tear Resistant
  • Wear Alone for Warm Water or as Over-Glove for Cold Water Lobster Dives
  • Comfortable Nylon Lined ArmorTex Palm-and-Back
  • ArmorTex: Non-Slip Grip with Soft Touch
  • 1.5″ (3.8 cm) Wide hook and loop Closure with Elastic Wrist Strap
  • Wrist Strap Providing Snug and Custom Fit
  • Seams: Sewn for Added Strength and Durability.
  • Mesh Drawstring Carry Bag

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Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for warm water use
  • Can be used as an over glove for colder dives
  • Provides optimum hand and wrist protection
  • Non-slip grip with a soft touch
  • Extremely strong and tear resistant

  • Proves difficult to flex sometimes


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Editors’ Opinion

One of the uniqueness of Akona’s product features is the use of ArmorTex material – an extremely light and highly durable fabric. By all standards, Akona ArmorTex is, pound-for-pound, a full 10 times stronger than steel.

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