Top Ten Best Scuba Gloves

Buying Guide & Advice

 Image Brand  Seams Material Thickness  Price
Best Scuba Glove Akona Quantum Stretch Glued and Blind-Stitched Quantum Stretch Nylon II Neoprene 3.5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Scubapro Seamless Glued and Sewn Nylon II Neoprene 1.5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Mares Flexa Classic Double Glued and Blind Stitched Nylon 2 Neoprene 3mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Hyperflex AMP  Glued, Blind Stitched, Liquid Taped Neoprene Rubber 1.5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Scubapro Everflex Glued and Sewn Nylon II Neoprene Rubber 5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Henderson Aqua Lock Double Glued and Blind-Stitched With Liquid Tape Glove Body: Nylon Il Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: Thermally Bonded Silicone 5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Fourth Element Neoprene Glued, Sewn and Welded  Neoprene 5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Akona AmorTex  Glued and Blind-Stitched Back: Nylon II Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: ArmorTex 5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Cressi Tropical Glued and Blind-Stitched Back: Nylon II Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: ArmorTex 5mm $$
Best Scuba Glove Neosport Mesh Skin Glove Glued, Blind-Stitched and Taped Nylon II Neoprene Rubber 3mm $$

Scuba gloves, like all other scuba diving equipment, are necessary for an all-round safety and comfort when you go diving. Some consider it almost irrelevant as a kit to be donned because of its non-obvious need, but this regardless, the best scuba gloves will make your diving experience more comfortable all the way.

One of the reasons why you need to pay close attention to acquiring and using a diving glove in water is because of extreme water temperature. When diving in frigid waters for a prolonged duration, your fingers are more prone to getting cold and numb which may hinder you from having a good grip. Numbed fingers can also be highly discomforting, so it is advised that divers use gloved when diving for an extended duration in warm or cold waters.

Another reason why you should consider a diving glove when scuba diving is to protect your fingers from sharp objects under water and for getting a good grip when diving in rocky areas. Matter-of-fact, the best scuba gloves also gives added advantage above and beyond keeping your fingers warm and securing them from stings and scrapes. There is a level of comfort that you get from donning a good diving glove. Let’s consider a few factors to be taken into consideration when opting for a good scuba glove.


Style: (Split Wrist vs. Solid Wrist)

The difference between a split styled glove and the solid styled one is largely in the way it grips the divers’ wrist. The aim of the grip is obviously for better security on your wrist and to hold it in place.

Split-wrist gloves come with a short Velcro flap that is easy to fasten in place and wear. If simplicity is your thing, then you should consider this style of gloves.

Solid-wrist gloves are designed with elastic straps that are wrapped around your wrist. This additional feature of wrapping around the wrist is for added security and fitting that makes the glove stay put.

Depending on your dive location and preference, you can choose any of the above styles in gloves. But the solid-wrist style comes in handy when diving in rocky terrains or wreckage sites.

Glove Fabric:

There are three popular fabric materials from which scuba gloves are made from. Like wetsuits, the most famous of those fabric materials is Neoprene. Then there is the Amara leather, and the latest entrants – Dyneema. Each has their strengths and usefulness.

Neoprene Material: this is from the family of synthetic rubber and has a good flexibility for smooth flexing of the fingers when donned. As an added benefit, neoprene gloves are resistant to wide range of acids, chemicals, caustic agents oil, etc.

Amara Material: these are very rugged glove types made from synthetic suede leathers. By the use of good grade leather, Amara materials are best for tropical dives.

Dyneema Material: perhaps the strongest of all gloves materials, Dyneema is made from superior quality molecular weight polyethylene. This material has a strength-to-weight ratio that is about fifteen times better than steel. So, you are assured of a glove that is proof and resistant to cuts, scratch, and stings.


Your intended dive environment is crucial to the kind of glove you should opt for. By all standard, you are supposed to consider the environment type as a first factor when picking out a good glove. The wrong choice of gloves for a wrong diving environment can turn a good day underwater into a bad one quite fast.

For cold water dives, you obviously will need to have thick gloves on your hands so that you are protected from extreme cold. This will keep your hands warm and give you a more comfortable diving experience.

When scuba diving in wreckage sites, you are best to have gloves that are resistant to abrasion and cuts like the Dyneema material gloves. And for diving in warm water, thin and flexible gloves are very good for this environment type.


Your purpose for selecting the choice of the diving glove may well be a good factor for knowing which scuba glove type is best for you. Whether it is for protection from cold, stings or cuts, these will be a good details to guide you in selecting the best scuba glove.

Also, it is crucial that you consider what diving kits you will be using like diving computers, etc. Considering this will give you the ultimate comfort that you require at all times. A glove that is too thick may give you issues with operating a computer or flashlight with small buttons.

Temperature and Thickness Ratio Recommendation

Water Temperature Glove Thickness Recommendation
24C – 30C 1.5mm neoprene with Lycra/Polartec or 3mm neoprene
18C – 24C 5mm neoprene
10C – 20C 7mm neoprene
2C – 10C 9mm neoprene or dry suit

Glove thickness in relation to water temperature is crucial to getting the best comfort you can think of when diving. However, you should know that with an increased level of thickness comes more restriction in flexibility and the movement of your fingers.


  1. Akona Quantum Stretch

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued and Blind-Stitched

Material: Quantum Stretch Nylon II Neoprene

Thickness: 3.5mm

Strength and durability are crucial factors in any good scuba glove. That and more is what Akona Quantum Stretch delivers for divers who opt for this high-quality dive glove. Made with neoprene and possessing a four-way stretchability, Quantum Stretch seams are glued and blind stitched for a durable, water resistant finish. When scuba diving, you need a glove that is extremely comfortable on your hands and that also have enough stretch in it for your fingers to flex. You can find this in the Quantum in addition to the fact that it is designed to be highly ergonomic, allow pre-bent fingers that offer comfort and ultimately allow for minimal water transfer.

This glove is prided as a pioneer in the area of exclusive neoprene inclusion as an integral part of its design. It is a unique combination of neoprene and nylon material that makes for the best flexible neoprene glove available. With a palm structure that aims to give divers high-quality grip and dexterity, Quantum Stretch has been paraded by professional and recreational divers as one of the best scuba gloves you can opt for.

Also, to prevent water from sipping in, Akona Quantum Stretch inbuilt with a skin-in design at the wrist that drastically reduces water transfer at the mouth of the glove – this is the point at your wrist where wetsuit meets the glove.

  1. Scubapro Seamless

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued and Sewn

Material: Nylon Ll Neoprene

Thickness: 1.5mm

Scubapro Seamless has been proven to be a good scuba glove for all type of diving from recreational to professional diving. It lightweight neoprene material is well suited for use in any environment and is adjust as one of the best scuba gloves when you need to operate gadgets while scuba diving. From offering easy and effective clicking of your scuba computers to a good grip of scuba diving knives and torchlights, the Scubapro Seamless glove is a very good pick if you desire it.

For the best flexibility and hand, warming feels that is crucial when diving in cold water; Seamless uses the ingenious heat tapping system in its stitching method to deliver an exceedingly soft and flexible glove that warms your hands even in extreme conditions. This ingenuity in design takes away the need for traditional stitching and ultimately offers a good glove that makes it easier for divers to operate your computer buttons, handles, and clicks.

The palm of the glove is designed with prints that have non-slip features for delivering a good grip and doesn’t allow things slid off your hands. It also has a palm material that is smooth and soft enough for you to rub your face without any uneasy feeling. There is no denying the good quality built into the Scubapro Seamless.

  1. Mares Flexa Classic

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Double Glued and Blind Stitched

Material: Nylon 2 Neoprene

Thickness: 3mm

You cannot get it wrong with a scuba glove that is made from high-grade materials; they are well-suited for many types of environments. Flexa is made of 3mm double-lined neoprene which delivers maximum gripping power in the water. Much thanks to the rubber printed palm and open fingernail cut design, these features further enhance your use of the glove in various conditions.

The Flexa scuba gloves are a good for all weathered such that it that can be worn in warmer months for touch and feeling or in the colder months for warmth. You will agree that very few scuba gloves can boast of such features.

It has a doubled lined neoprene fabric which allows the glove to suit all water temperature and this is made possible without the glove getting too hot or too cold at any one time. Having rubber grip on the palms will allow you to be able to get a much better hold on things. It could be for having a better hold on the mooring line when going into the water or gripping a rock through a string current; you can count on Flexa to deliver a good job. Without any bias, Mares Flexa as a good scuba glove has earned its place on our top best scuba glove list.

  1. Hyperflex Amp Gloves

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued, Blind Stitched, Liquid Taped

Material: Neoprene Rubber

Thickness: 1.5mm

The Hyperflex AMP gloves are built with a simple design yet they are very useful for a broad range of conditions and diver types. Having sealed seams that keep cold water out of your fingers, and minimal seam panels that give divers a longer lasting and more flexible experience the AMP is worth its salt as one of the best scuba gloves money can buy.

Hyperflex gloves are an excellent collection of kits that is fitting for all type of water diving activities from kiteboarding, surfing, snorkeling to scuba diving. They are also designed with a durable palm grip that gives divers a good level of grip for other kits or surfaces when diving.

Devised ingeniously, the AMP gloves gives divers the warmest, softest feel and have been adjudged as one of the most technical pairs of gloves in the HyperFlex lineup. They are made with 100% lightweight stretch neoprene for maximum flexibility and better control; sealed and liquid taped exterior seams to eliminate cold water flushing; and a hi-grip palm. By any standard of measurement, this glove is worth being on the list of best scuba gloves.

  1. Scubapro Everflex

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued and Sewn

Material: Nylon Ii Neoprene Rubber

Thickness: 5mm

Diving in cold water is always a very daunting task especially when you part of your body are exposed to water like your hands. It is for reasons such as this that Scubapro designed the Everflex. It is well-suited for diving in frigid waters and can be useful at extreme depth to keep water out of your hands. The glove has a 5mm thickness for more warmth and comfort from scratch and cuts. Made with high-quality neoprene, the material is then glued and sewn for good strength and the best durability available.

Scubapro’s Everflex Gloves possess a good level of flexibility to them and are highly easy to wear and take off, requiring no extra closure at the wrist. These gloves have nylon ll neoprene material on upper part; while the Everflex is just about the best stretch neoprene property with enhanced abrasion resistance.

These strong and durable gloves have an incredibly smooth silver skin lining that adds beauty to the effectiveness it delivers. Silver skin is a highly smooth interior finish which makes it easy for divers to slide their fingers into the gloves and also cause the interior feel very comfy and warm.

  1. Henderson Aqua Lock

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Double Glued And Blind Stitched With Liquid Tape

Material: Glove Body: Nylon Il Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: Thermally Bonded Silicone

Thickness: 5mm

Henderson scuba gloves have an impressive technology material that is called AquaSilk. The Henderson gloves are built with the best of neoprene AquaSilk laminated materials that has proven to provide a good and soft sensation on the palm while having the capacity to seal out water completely and still gives the needed flexibility. All the seams in the gloves are laminated with this material inside and out after which, they are then coated with waterproof liquid tape that is completely water resistant.  This material is also capacitated to trap in warmth thereby making it a good selection for keeping your fingers warm when diving in frigid waters.

Utilizing the same level of fabrication technique as all of the Henderson Aqua Lock Wetsuits, this glove is a standard protective gear that can be worn in absolutely all water temperature and the environment. When donned with the Henderson wetsuits, you have a special gauntlet extension that provides the best and most secure grip when pulling the gloves over the wetsuit.

  1. Fourth Element 5mm Neoprene

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued, Sewn, and Welded

Material: Neoprene

Thickness: 5mm

For the best level of comfort in scuba diving, it is important that you stay warm when in cold water temperatures, this also extend to your hand regions. The Fourth Element Neoprene gloves provide warmth during every dive and offer comfort comparable only to thicker gloves. It is designed with a stretch neoprene material that enhances fitting and comfort. Furthermore, you are provided with a thermoflex lining inside the glove for warmth, sealed seams to minimize water inflow and a carbonite finish for grip and durability. Indeed, this scuba glove has all that is needed to meet the requirement of being on the list of best scuba glove.

The gloves are fully glued on all the seams and have a sticky finish on the outside for extra grip while still offering a super strong finish.   It has a stretched 5mm neoprene fabric for fit and comfort while being fully glued for minimal water flushing

A great dive experience can be simply interpreted as having warm hands and the dexterity to use your camera or feel your valves for a shutdown. That is exactly what Fourth Elements wet gloves assures its users. The carbonite print on the outside of glove is specifically designed to provide a good grip and improved durability. It also has an outstanding dexterity making it ideal for photography and videography when you are underwater.

  1. Akona ArmorTex

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued and Blind-Stitched

Material: Back: Nylon II Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: ArmorTex

Thickness: 5mm

The most sophisticated scuba gloves should have the ability to stretch all ways and still provide comfort and warmth in every inch. That sound like your ideal scuba diving glove right? Then Akona ArmorTex is your choice pick. The Akona 5mm ArmorTex Tip glove is made from a nylon II Quantum Stretch neoprene material that has four-way stretch. It is then glued and blind stitched for a durable, water resistant finish. The ergonomic, pre-bent fingers offer divers the best comfort level obtainable in diving and allow for minimal water transfer.

For a good grip when diving in rocky terrain or wreckage area, the palm and fingertips are properly covered with ArmorTex fabric for maximum protection from punctures and cuts while continuing to provide maximum flexibility and comfort.

The ArmorTex wraps around the tips of the fingers increasing the strength and durability of these critical wear areas. The gloves have skin-in cuffs to minimize water transfer with the Akona wetsuit wrist seals. The gloves are the most comfortable ArmorTex Gloves on the market today, and this is attested to by many professional and recreational scuba divers. You really should consider a glove like Akona if you care to have the best comfort in diving.

  1. Cressi Tropical

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued and Blind-Stitched

Material: Back: Nylon II Neoprene, Palm & Finger Tips: ArmorTex

Thickness: 5mm

When scuba diving, you want to look out for a diving glove that not only fits your hands finely but is also good enough to give protection and comfort while weathering any condition too. Gloves that fit this criterion are the ones that qualify for the list of best scuba gloves. Some scuba gloves on the market today have a few of those characteristics, but few combines them all in one. Among those, few is the Cressi Tropical.

The tropical is a glove that is made from two materials: a soft one for comfort and light one for ease of usage with other gadgets in water. The palm and finger area uses a light gray Napa that becomes extraordinarily soft upon contact with water.  However, the upper part of the glove and the wrist area are made from very thin, supple neoprene. A vast area that corresponds to the upper side of the wrist allows for instant adjustment, both before and during the dive. These are particularly suitable gloves when you need the very best touch sensitivity in the fingers. The palm also offers good resistance to abrasions.

  1. Neosport Mesh Skin Glove

Best Scuba Glove

Seams: Glued, Blind-Stitched, and Taped

Material: Nylon II Neoprene Rubber

Thickness: 3mm

The Neosport glove comes with an exclusive 3 mm mesh skin Neoprene material that makes the glove virtually wind and waterproof. The seams are glued and blind-stitched and then sewn on the outside for that ultimate durability. There is also the anatomical fitting features it renders. This allows users to exert less energy when donning them, so they work well when worn for extended periods of time.

The Neosport mesh skin glove is ideal for those who enjoy spending days diving in waters. It is made from 3 mm. mesh skin Neoprene that is soft and provides excellent protection for your hands during recreational diving. The 100% mesh skin gives you the advantages of decreased evaporation and a water-tight product. The glove comes with an anatomical fit to minimize hand fatigue so you can use it for all-day expeditions. The mesh skin glove is the warmest yet from Neosport and is ideal for all levels of recreational diving.


Make no mistake; you will need to concentrate on your diving need to make a better glove choice among the list I have made available above. Take your time to check the one that best meets your need.