Oceanic Viper Scuba Diving Fin

A Review

Oceanic Viper Scuba Diving Fin Review


The best scuba diving fin should be very fast and responsive even to the slightest movement of the leg. This makes it count as a highly reliable and efficient diving in all areas as much of the movement decision in scuba diving are made in split seconds and without prior notice. If a dive can be adapted to provide fast responsiveness to actions in a divers’ feet, then one can comfortably say it is among the best fin around. In this Oceanic Viper fin review, we are proud to say that the Viper possesses the needed responsiveness and provide prompt results at even the slightest command. There goes the reason why it made it to our best scuba diving fin list.

Chief among the reason why the Viper is fancied as a choice scuba diving fin is because of its high responsiveness. In some quarters, it is said to be so responsive that it is scary. The Oceanic Viper is a non-vented full foot fin that boast of use of a precise blend of hydrodynamic materials in its fabrication. This high-grade technology contributes largely to its performance efficiency and unparalleled comfort when in use.

The Viper’s fins are manufactured with superior materials consisting of blended thermal plastic rubber (TPR) and polypropylene. This makes it highly responsive and very easy to use. Furthermore, on the bodily feature of the Oceanic Viper, its blades are designed with much flexibility that guarantees more powerful thrust and directs water off the tip of the blades. This ingenious system contributes largely to more improved power to the divers’ feet and the efficiency of every effort put into the dives.

To everyone’s surprise, the Oceanic’s Viper fins are not expensive to purchase when compared to the dynamism of their output and the quality of their designs. This factor makes the Viper a good option for divers who are setting up their dive gears on a budget and yet want the best gears regardless.

Oceanic Viper Fin Review

Like most of the fins on our best scuba fin list, the Oceanic Viper is a great fin which possesses a flexible rubber middle channel. A factor that serves as the major influence on the power and dexterity of the fin. Although it has negative buoyancy, the Viper is lightweight and would, therefore, make for a decent travel fin. It renders a decent, average amount of acceleration and power with above average maneuverability. Just what you need for the best experience in scuba diving.

The Oceanic Viper fins blade has a good level of flexibility to its thrust that makes it find a place in our best scuba fin list. It is designed to channel water directly off the tip of the blade for best-improved power and efficiency you can think of. Another good thing about the Viper is its engineered channels, and side rails direct water flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to spill from the sides of the blade for uncompromising power and efficiency.

In design, Oceanic Viper helps the diver to reduce efforts and conveniently translate that into a good acceleration of water over the blade. In use, the Viper is swift and efficient in use that it is arguably one of the best scuba fins you can opt for.

With a non-vented full foot fin build, a precisely blended Hydrodynamics and material technology; Viper offers good comfort for users while greatly enhancing their performance and efficiency. Manufactured with thermal plastic rubber and polypropylene, Oceanic Viper is a lightweight scuba fin that is as fast as it is responsive. You can get it wrong with this excellent scuba fin.

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Material Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) And Polypropylene
Blade Type Vented Blades
Blade Dimension Length: 15 Inches
Foot Type Open Heel
Weight 1.43 kg

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  • Vented Open Heel Fins
  • Precision Blend of Hydrodynamics and Materials Technology
  • Ultimate Comfort, Efficiency, and Performance
  • Composite Material: Blend of Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and Polypropylene
  • Flexible Power Thrust Channels & Side Rails
  • Channels and Side Rails Work in Concert
  • Together they Direct Water Flow Off Tip of Blade
  • Blade Design Provides Uncompromising Power and Efficiency
  • Blade Power Vents Reduce Stress while Accelerating Water Over the Blade
  • Oversized Blade Design for Increased Thrust and Propulsion
  • Ideal for All Diving and Snorkeling Skill Levels
  • Generous, Yet Streamlined Foot Pocket Fits Wide Range of Boot Styles
  • Foot Pocket Design Significantly Reduce Drag
  • Easy to Don and Doff
  • Quick-Adjust Straps with Squeeze Style” Quick-Release Buckles
  • Large Pull-Tab Holes in Straps for Grip
  • Pull-Tab Holes Great for Hanging Fins for Drying and Storage
  • Great Travel Fin, Weight (Size Dependent): 3.15 to 4.0 lbs (1.43 to 1.81 kg)
  • 4 Sizes: X-Small to X-Large/2X-Large
  • 5 Color Choices: Blue, Black, Yellow Ice Blue or Pink

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Pros and Cons

  • Highly affordable and yet efficient
  • Made with lightweight composite materials
  • Flexible power thrust channels and side rails
  • Blade power vents reduce stress
  • Oversized blade design for increased thrust

  • A bit difficult to put on and get off


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Editors’ Opinion

Chief among the reason why the Viper is fancied as a choice scuba diving fin is because of its high responsiveness. In some quarters, it is said to be so responsive that it is scary.

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