Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Dive Fin

A Review

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Dive Fin Review


When scuba diving, much of a divers’ energy is exerted in the leg area for propelling and keeping the dive smooth and steady. For this reason, it is crucial that a scuba diver pays attention to the kind of scuba fin to be used as this can mean the difference between a tiresome, uneventful dive and a very smooth and hassle-free one. In the search for a good dive fin to provide unreserved comfort and high-grade result, we give you the Mares Quattro Plus dive fin. In this Mares Avanti Quattro Plus review, we show the essential features of the Quattro Plus while highlighting some of the excellent qualities it offers for divers.

As with all the scuba gears produced by Mares, the Quattro Plus dive fin is a choice diving fin that is crafted with standard stabilizers that enhance your effort and provides better stamina for your body while underwater. Much more than just give you the needed strength for effective thrusting and flapping of the feet, the Quattro Plus also makes it very easy for your feet to send powerful thrusts that result in improved performance while drastically reducing ankle twisting problems.

In a nutshell, the Quattro Plus is made to gives scuba divers a new meaning to comfort and effectiveness of diving fins. By this, I mean that you get more push ratio to thrusts compared to what most of the other diving fins deliver. This is one more reason why we urge every diver that wants a new level of comfort to their heels when diving to go for the Quattro Plus.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Review

Designed to leverage the technology of the marine mammals, the Quattro Plus gives you a greater body movement when you flap your legs. With this added advantage in the diving fin, you are provided more surge forward with minimal effort while still ensuring that your overall balance is not compromised.

Moving away from just the inherent qualities of this dynamic fin, let us examine the outward features of the Quattro Plus. It is made with one of the best grade fin designs and very attractive body that makes it a choice pick for any scuba diver. Not that it really matters what color or aesthetic design a diving fin is, but it is cool to have a fin that is just as beautiful in looks as it is in efficiency. So, if that is your thing, the Quattro Plus is the right choice of fin to make.

For firm attachment to a divers’ feet, it comes with a strap which provides a good level of grip and helps you flap your feet better. With the addition of a great new material to the tip of the fin, Mares gives you a good level of ease when you use the Quattro Plus in scuba diving. Without a doubt, it fits well on your feet and gives you the much needed propulsive snap you need for speed and maneuver that ensures you have the best time while diving.

Finding a great diving fin at a good price can be difficult to come by. However, the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins are just that.  Open heel in design, they feature four channels in the fins that ensure greater efficiency of every kick. This is a feature that every scuba diver appreciates well because it allows you to conserve energy and reduce fatigue.

They have a bungee strap that locks your foot into the fin and is very comfortable while keeping your foot securely locked into the fin.  The “Proven Channel Thrust Technology” of the Mares fins is what sets these fins apart from the competition. They incorporate stabilizers into the fins which help to reduce ankle twisting when you are kicking hard.  The “Hi-flex” rubber that they are constructed of has good flex at all water temperatures.

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Material Composite
Blade Type Non-Vented Blades
Blade Dimension Length: 15 Inches (38 cm)
Foot Type Open Heel
Weight 31.75 Oz. (900 grams)


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  • Non-Vented Fin
  • Exceed the Established Performance of Traditional Model
  • New Composite Materials, Optimize Efficiency
  • Greater Responsiveness and Thrusting Power
  • More Attractive Look
  • New Bungee Straps, Standard Issue
  • Straps Equipped with Large Grasp-Loops for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Proven Channel Thrust Technology
  • Versatile and Ideal in All Diving Conditions
  • Stabilizers Improve Stability and Eliminating Ankle Twisting Phenomena
  • Anatomical Foot Pocket Conveys More Power to Blade
  • Design is Inspired by Marine Mammals
  • Channel Thrust Technology Maximizes the Channeling of Water
  • Fin Moves a Greater Amount of Water than Fins of Same Size
  • Greater Thrusting Power with Same Effort
  • Sizes: Small, Regular or X-Large
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Lime or Flamingo

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Pros and Cons

  • Composite materials optimize efficiency
  • Channel Thrust technology for optimum power
  • Foot pocket adds thrust with less fatigue
  • Equipped with durable bungee straps
  • Designed for optimum responsiveness

  • Relatively big that it may not fit in a regular size dive travel bag

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Editors’ Opinion

Above and beyond providing you the needed strength for effective thrusting and flapping of the feet, the Quattro Plus also makes it very easy for your feet to send powerful thrusts that result in improved performance while drastically reducing ankle twisting problems.

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