Dive Rite XT Scuba Diving Fin

A Review

Dive Rite XT Scuba Diving Fin Review


Being a renowned name in the production of scuba diving gears, Dive Rite has contributed to no small extent in the creation of some of the best and most sophisticated diving equipment available today. One of those diving gears from Dive Rite that has made a mark of high-grade effectiveness is the XT scuba fin from Dive Rite. This fin does more than give you powerfully propelling thrusts when diving, it is also very comfortable on your feet that it can rightly be said to be an extension of the divers legs. In this Dive Rite XT review, we will be highlighting the features and characteristics of this wonderful diving fin.

The XT version of scuba diving fins from Dive Rite comes prepared with a marine grade stainless steel buckle. The buckle provides unreserved security for the fin’s heel strap and the blade. Given the dexterity of the blade’s design, Dive Rite XT is competent to give efficient result for any style of diving kick that the scuba diver fancies: frog kicks, modified flutter, and power kicks.

Made with a fine blend of Monoprene which is an injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer material, the XT provides you with the best of balanced power-to-work ratio. This makes all your effort result in efficient finning during high flow or stiff currents. Although the fins of the XT are a bit stiff; they do not impair the results of your thrusts. Rather, when in action, it becomes much lighter in weight than most of the traditional rubber fins available on the market today. This means that you are less likely to witness any cramps when performing long distance dives using this amazing fins.

It has very sturdy stainless steel stretch spring heel straps which are designed with bespoke features to provide you more comfort and assurance of the best diving experience you can imagine. The string straps have a robust flexibility to it which allows for quicker and easier slipping on and off. Its design includes a comfort heel pad and convenience pull tab for ease of use which ensures that you have the best and most comfortable scuba fin in use.

The shape and build of the XT is also one of the features that contribute to its dynamism and overall efficiency. It has a familiar shape and the monoprene blend that has been in use for more than 20 years now makes the XT possess secured firmness and plenty of drive.

Dive Rite XT Review

When tested for power versus stress marks, the XT from Dive Rite emerges with a high score in our test of best scuba diving fins. It also has the highest score for efficiency of use, particularly in the frog kick style. This is a plus for scuba divers who fancy those specs and use them as the XT will ensure that they get the very best from it use.

The XT can be said to be a bit stiff as pointed out above, yet it has robust snap energy and proven efficiency in use. In measurement, the XT is some 8.5 inches i.e.  21.6 cm of pliable marine grade stainless steel spring-heel strap. Designed specifically to allow you have the superior comfort and maximum effectiveness of use. Some other features include a comforting heel pad and convenient, removable pull tab for ease of use, a marine grade stainless steel buckle which secures the heel strap to the blade and a stainless steel buckle which is exclusive to the Dive Rite XT brand which is guaranteed not to crack or break.

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Material Injected Molded Monoprene Blend
Blade Type Non-Vented Blades
Foot Type Open Heel
Weight 4.7 lbs. (2.13 kg) to 6.3 lbs. (2.86 kg)


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  • Original Injected Molded Monoprene Blend from 1990’s
  • High-Performance Blade
  • Efficient Finning in High Flow or Stiff Currents
  • Designed for Wide Variety of Kicks, Including Frog, Modified Flutter, and Power Kicks
  • Stiff, Yet with Plenty of Snap
  • Lighter in Weight than Traditional Rubber Fins
  • Legs and Feet Won’t Cramp Even After Miles of Diving
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Buckle, Dive Rite Exclusive
  • Spring Straps Depth Compensating Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.13 kg) to 6.3 lbs. (2.86 kg), Size Dependent

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Pros and Cons

  • Injection molded Monoprene blade
  • Optimum balance of rigidity and flexibility
  • Marine grade stainless steel strap buckles

  • Adjudged as slightly weighty by some scuba divers
  • Exert optimum effect for use in frog style kicks than other styles


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Editors’ Opinion

This fin does more than give you powerfully propelling thrusts when diving, it is also very comfortable on your feet that it can rightly be said to be an extension of the divers legs.

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