Aqua Lung Rocket II Diving Fins

A Review

Aqua Lung Rocket II Diving Fins Review


Aqua Lung as a brand is popularly known for its great improvement and innovative introductions into scuba diving sector. In the light of this reality, we give the Rocket II a good position in our list of the best scuba fins. In this Aqua Lung Rocket II review, we will be extensively sharing the features, characteristics pros and cons of this dynamic diving fin.

Rocket II is a contemporary improvement on the classic Rocket version by Aqua Lung. Designed with exceedingly lightweight and neutrally buoyant rubber compound, this rubber fin is very easy to slip on and use without a fuss. The Rocket II is crafted with a modernized, larger foot pocket which can accommodate many types of boots. In purchasing the Rocket II diving fin from Aqua Lung, you have a scuba fin that gives you a good room of play.

For heightened convenience and comfortable use, the Rocket has drain holes that keep water out of the scuba fin and give your feet a good grip on it. There is also a bottom traction feature that has been added to the Rocket II foot pocket. All these just to give divers the best diving experience available. It has been adjudged as one of the first vented rubber fins in North America. This super-efficient diving fin is fitted with some heavy duty stainless steel buckles that have well-threaded bolt and locknut. This is in place so that users can have easier time replacement when need be.

Aqua Lung Rocket II Review

Much more than just convenience, the Rocket II is made with all rubber materials that is ultra-rugged and can be used in extremely harsh conditions without fear of wear and tear. This toughened diving fin is designed for use in any type of water condition and environment which makes it a choice option for every diver in any condition.

Rocket II, like its forebear, has a classic all-rubber design which is almost indestructible, hence assuring you of a longer span of use and a reliable scuba fin. The all-rubber design is a rugged introduction that can withstand any terrain and condition. This is a scuba fin that has served many professionals divers in the past and still hold reckon as one that best serves any purpose it is invested in.

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Material Toughened Rubber
Blade Type Vented Blades
Foot Type Open Heel


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  • Full-Foot design for well-secured footing
  • Classic vented blade for more ease
  • Spring straps for flexibility
  • Many Divers Still Swear by the Rocket
  • Classic All-Rubber Design
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • One of First Vented Rubber Fins Sold in North America
  • Popular Among Military and Professional Divers
  • Compact, and Ultra-Rugged for use in Harsh Environments

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Pros and Cons

  • Classic vented blade
  • Compact and ultra-rugged design
  • All rubber construction

  • Quite large and flappy


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Editors’ Opinion

Designed with exceedingly lightweight and neutrally buoyant rubber compound, this rubber fin is very easy to slip on and use without a fuss. This feature makes the Rocket II a very dynamically balanced diving fin

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