The Ten Best Scuba Fins Review

Buying Guide & Advice

 Image Brand  Foot Pocket Blade Type Materials  Price
Best Scuba Fins Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Non-Vented Foot Pocket: Elastomer Rubber, Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene $$
Best Scuba Fins Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Non-Vented Foot Pocket: Elastomer Rubber, Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene $$
Best Scuba Fins Oceanic Viper Full Foot Non-Vented Thermal Plastic Rubber and Polypropylene $$
Best Scuba Fins Dive Rite XT Open Heel Non-Vented Frameless Injected Molded Monoprene Blend, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spring Heel Straps, and Buckles. $$
Best Scuba Fins Aqua Lung Rocket II Open Heel Vented Injected Molded Monoprene Blend, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spring Heel Straps, and Buckles. $$
Best Scuba Fins Scubapro Seawing Gorilla Fins Open Heel Vented Monprene $$
Best Scuba Fins Atomic Aquatics Split Fins Open Heel  Split Composite Plastic Polymer $$
Best Scuba Fins Sherwood Triton Open Heel Vented Thermoplastic Polyurethane $$
XS Scuba Turtle Open Heel Vented Compression-Molded Neoprene Rubber $$
Best Scuba Fins Omega Amphibian Navigator Fin Open Heel Non-Vented Foot Pocket & Blade: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Fin Frame: Polypropylene G3 Shell, Hinge Springs: 316-Military Grade Anti-Corrosive Stainless Steel $$

As have been popularly heralded, some of the crucial factors required for selecting the best scuba fins for yourself includes comfort and efficiency. Armed with a very good scuba diving fin, you as a diver is given more flexibility and force while diving without necessarily exerting too much muscle work. The aim of this is to give you better control of your diving feat in a comforting and efficient manner.

Problem is, different style and features of scuba fins available are aimed at delivering differing results. Your choice or pick should then be premised on your ultimate preference and diving needs. Whatever your need, you can be assured of getting something to soothe your wants and needs.

To make things very easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best scuba fins available on the market so as to give you a good knowledge of their functionalities and effectiveness. More so, the idea of compiling this list also touch on giving you a buying guide and advice on what to look out for when you want to make that purchasing decision.

Buying a diving fin is not just about getting anything that can be worn on the feet. It also encompasses knowing what meets your diving need each time you want to hit the water. Before getting to the main point, allow me to introduce some crucial factors to ponder on before making your choice.


Foot Pocket Type (Open Heel or Full Foot)

In scuba diving, two types of heel pockets are predominant: open heel and the full foot. The difference between the two are in basically in their designs, although each also has its benefits and how it enhance your performance

Full Foot Fins

Full foot fins are quite lightweight and usually short in size but have shown the ability to enhance your performance when diving in warm waters. By design, they are to be worn barefooted and does not need any adjustment straps.

Open Heel Fins

On the other hand, open heels diving fins perform better in cold water diving and are designed to be worn with booties and bungee straps. As a comfortable use, you can walk on rocky surfaces even when you have it on. This makes the open heel diving fin a popular choice among professional scuba divers

Vent and Channel Type

Diving fins are made to propel the diver with increased thrust and boost the diver’s efficiency.  So you have to pick between the vent style or the channel type.

The vent type is designed like louvers which help to boost your effectiveness and efficiency while scuba diving.

For channel method, there is a soft material in the fin’s blades which traps scoops of water and ensure more propelling abilities.

Split or Paddle Fin

Prime among the reason for designing split diving fins is for their aid in reducing your consumption of air. This is made possible due to the design of the blades. Split fins have a ‘split’ in the middle of the blade which stretches down the length of your scuba fin.

In the paddle fins, you have a single blade that flaps easily when you are in water. Although it is the most traditional of all fins, it delivers more ease to your legs and ankle and generally aids performance.


If you think choosing colors of scuba fins to use may be more of a preference-based thing than it is crucial for diving, you have to think again. For beginner divers especially, it is important that you choose bright color of fins so that you don’t lose to your trainer while under water. You should consider this keenly when making the purchase of your fins.


If for nothing, you should consider comfort as one of the crucial factors for picking out your desired scuba fins. To no small extent, your comfort when diving is tantamount to your better performance. So, like buying your regular shoes, weigh all the factors like fitting, narrow, tightness, etc.


  1. Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Non-Vented

Materials: Foot Pocket: Elastomer Rubber, Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene 

Mares Avanti Quattro is a choice scuba fin that has a stabilizer which helps to enhance your stamina while diving. Other than that, it aids your foots in sending power thrust that results in improved performance and cancels out the ankle-twisting phenomena. By design, it leverages the marine mammal thrust technology which provides a greater movement of water by the fins. This helps divers to surge on more effortlessly while still maintaining the needed balance.

If your thing is beauty, then you will fancy this scuba fins more. It is made with more graded design and an attractive look that will make it a choice pick for you. For firm attachment to your feet, it comes with a strap which gives you a good level of grip and helps you flap your feet better.

By buying this scuba fins, you have aligned yourself with the best diving fins available on the market. Adding a great new material to the tip of the fin, Mares gives you a good level of ease when you use it in scuba diving. Without a doubt, it fits well on your feet and gives you the much needed propulsive snap you the speed and maneuver you need for having the best time while diving.

  1. Cressi Pro Light

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Non-Vented

Material: Foot Pocket: Elastomer Rubber, Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene

Cressi Pro Light is about the best light and well-balanced scuba fin you can have around today. It is also surprisingly responsive and powerful. It is built with a good compact blade features a soft rubber center panel which is flanked by some thermoplastic stiffeners and flexible yet supportive side rails.

With this combination of high-grade elements, it provides divers a good blade flex when kicking, and give you the room to maintain a good level of stability whatever scuba dive kicking style you prefer: flutter, scissor or frog style kicking. The two flaps along the end of the blade are designed to give room for divers to change directions with minimal kicking efforts.

Given the above features and quality of Cressi Pro Light, as a diver, you will agree that it has a very good and sturdy scuba fin that is easy to use and can be enlisted among the best on the market today. By ingenuity, this fin was designed with computerized precision to give an ideal transmission of intricate information from the leg to your scuba fin. Thus, at only seconds of processing a kick, the scuba fin already understands and interprets the action.

  1. Oceanic Viper

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Full Foot


Blade Type: Non-Vented

Material: Thermal Plastic Rubber and Polypropylene

The Oceanic Viper fins blade has a good level of flexibility to its thrust that makes it fund a place in our best scuba fin list. It is designed to channel water directly off the tip of the blade for best-improved power and efficiency you can think of. Another good thing about the Viper is its engineered channels, and side rails direct water flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to spill from the sides of the blade for uncompromising power and efficiency.

In design, Oceanic Viper helps the diver to reduce efforts and conveniently translate that into good acceleration of water over the blade. In use, the Viper is swift and efficient in use that it is arguably one of the best scuba fins you can opt for.

With a non-vented full foot fin build, a precisely blended Hydrodynamics and material technology; Viper offers good comfort for users while greatly enhancing their performance and efficiency. Manufactured with thermal plastic rubber and polypropylene, Oceanic Viper is a lightweight scuba fin that is as fast as it is responsive. You can get it wrong with this excellent scuba fin.

  1. Dive Rite XT

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel


Blade Type: Non-Vented

Material: Injected Molded Monoprene Blend, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spring Heel Straps, and Buckles.

The XT version of Dive Rite fins come with a marine grade stainless steel buckle that helps to secure the fin’s heel strap to the blade. With a design in the blade, Dive Rite XT is fitted for any style of kick, including frog kicks, modified flutter, and power kicks.

The XT fin’s blend of Monoprene is an injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer material which offers good balance of power to work ratio, providing efficient finning in high flow or stiff currents. The XT fins are stiff but that is not a shortcoming. In action, it is lighter weight than most traditional rubber fins which means you are less likely to cramp with long distance swimming.

Built with stainless steel stretch spring heel straps, custom made for Dive Rite fins, you are assured of the best diving experience available. This flexible spring heel strap allows for quick and easy slipping on and off. With spring design including a comfort heel pad and convenience pull tab for ease of use, divers have the best and most comfortable scuba fin at their behest.

  1. Aqua Lung Rocket II

 Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Vented

Material: Injected Molded Monoprene Blend, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spring Heel Straps, and Buckles.

Rocket II is a contemporary improvement on the classic Rocket version by Aqua Lung. It has a lightweight and neutrally buoyant rubber compound that makes up the rubber fins.  Designed with a modernized, larger foot pocket which can accommodate many types of boots, you have a scuba fin that gives you a good room of play.

It has drain holes that keep water out of the scuba fin and give your feet a good grip on it. There is also a bottom traction feature that has been added to the Rocket II foot pocket. All these just to give divers the best diving experience available.

Rocket II, like its forebear, has a classic all-rubber design which is almost indestructible, hence assuring you of a longer span of use and a reliable scuba fin. The all-rubber design is a rugged introduction that can withstand any terrain and condition. This is a scuba fin that has served many professionals divers in the past and still hold reckon as one that best serves any purpose it is invested in.

  1. Scubapro Seawing Gorilla Fins

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Vented

Material: Monprene.

The Seawing Nova Gorilla is designed with a well-engineered footplate and co-molded grip pads which provide divers with a good level of non-skid footing on any slippery surface like boat decks or dive ladders. It also comes with the custom-made self-adjusting heel strap which is fabricated with marine-grade bungee. The bungee has one of the best elastics in scuba fins and is resistant to the elements, and the soft heel pad with over-sized finger loop is comfortable and makes it easy to get off or on.

As a successor of the popular Scubapro Gorilla, the seawing has gone through the best fine-tuning possible for an improved scuba fin. This makes it come with more power, speed, and flexibility to deliver the most advanced diving experience you can imagine.

One of the outstanding feature of the Gorilla that gives it a superb efficiency is its well-articulated joint. This allows it gain momentum and surge on with unparalleled abilities each time it is flapped. Also, the pivot control technology makes sure that divers get the best angle of thrusting is achieved regardless of how hard or softly you thrust. In a nutshell, you a rugged and highly sophisticatedly responsive scuba fin when you opt for the Scubapro Seawing Gorilla. It is arguably the best regarding technology and builds.

  1. Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Split

Material: Composite Plastic Polymer

To get the best out of your diving experience, you need a good fin that can give you minimal drag when under water and equally enforce more propelling power with little effort.  This way, you have the best and most comfortable diving experience ever! Not to worry, this and more is what the Atomic Aquatics Split scuba fin provides for you.

Using the very best of scuba fin materials – composite plastic polymer, this scuba fin is lightweight and helps to increase the effect of your thrusts. By this, you get the most efficient use of the energy exerted when diving. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about burning your energy to achieve the speed you desire – the Atomic Aquatics Split fins is designed to be the best energy conserving scuba fin available.

The spring straps attached to the back of this fin comes with good grade rust-resistant stainless steel which were fabricated with the best technology (variable pitch geometry). As a diver using the Split, you get a good level of comforting fit that is also easy to remove when you need to. Finally, the springs of this fin are resistant to deformation even when overstretched.

  1. Sherwood Triton

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Vented

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

The Sherwood Triton scuba fin blends some components of classic vented fins with an upgraded design and contemporary materials. The result of this super combination is a travel fin that offers as much flexibility of use as can be needed for the best diving experience. By every standard, the Triton delivers impressive power and acceleration to your feet that will make you dazzle when diving. It also has three vents that aid your thrust more efficiently when kicking in any swimming style and the wide blade gives you an easy maneuvering when diving.

By experience and consensus, Triton Fins deliver a tripartite result: power, performance, and comfort which has proven relevant to achieving the best possible diving experience.  It utilizes a 100% Thermo Plastic Urethane material that provides more comfort and flexibility than most of the scuba fins available today. More so, the design helps to provide a superb energy to the performance of the diver while reducing the risk of leg or foot cramps.

Triton Fin is positively buoyant and floats when they come off your feet which further accentuates their lightweight nature. The open heel fin has adjustable straps with quick-release buckles and a large heel pull tab that combined for easy donning and doffing. The fin blades ribbed design focuses the water down the length of the blade for increased power and thrust.

  1. XS Scuba Turtle

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Vented

Material: Compression-Molded Neoprene Rubber

The XS Scuba Turtle is a powerful, simple and ideal for all level of scuba divers. Most technical and professional scuba divers have been shown to fancy the Turtle as a classic scuba fin that aids good performance in the best way attainable. The efficiency of this excellent scuba fin is premised on its tried-and-true design. Although it can be argued to lack basic modern features such as bright colors and rocket-age design features. But that is not to be considered if your choice is a powerful and efficient scuba fin. All the things it lacks in design, the Turtle makes up in sophistication.

The vented blade design allows water to flow through the vents when you perform down strokes during diving, and it reduces pressure and less strain on your feet. Based on the angle of the vent, when divers do the up stroke, the fin reacts as a solid blade for maximum power and propulsion.

Not everyone will like the design of the XS Scuba Turtle fin chiefly because of its drab look. Agreed, the design is simplistic and can almost pass as old-fashioned, but the advantage of this is that it has been proven to work efficiently and with no discomfort. The short and wide design makes the fin ideal for penetration diving, in caves or wrecks. Now, you are left with making a choice of beauty over sophistication.

  1. Omega Amphibian Navigator Fin

Best Scuba Fins

Foot Pocket: Open Heel

Blade Type: Non-Vented

Material: Foot Pocket & Blade: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Fin Frame: Polypropylene G3 Shell, Hinge Springs: 316-Military Grade Anti-Corrosive Stainless Steel

Omega Amphibian is a two-piece scuba fin that is attached by a special and strong aqua-hinge system which allows the webbed blades at the front to fold up. This feature comes in handy when you are walking outside of the water and click down with a set of kicks once in the water.

Another way to achieve this ingenuity is to press the blade down with the back of your heel until it is fully locked. Navigator central web configuration contributes to increased propulsion and reduces load required during sustained kicking while providing maximum power and best comfort at the same time. The fins’ foot pocket portion is designed to fit a variety of wading boots or stocking foot waders.

The fins are manufactured with the finest of materials. The blades are made from a combination of soft, durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and a more ridged TPE. It soft TPE web is designed to increase propulsion and reduce the load required for sustained kicking, and the more ridged TPE blade inlays increase the coefficient of friction on the blade. Its fin frame is a strong, yet elastic polypropylene G3 shell to provide overall fin strength. Side rib tapered design using a combination of materials increases elasticity while providing overall fin stiffness for greater power and kicking efficiency.


By now, you have all the needed information for making the best scuba fin decision. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a well-guided pick when you want to make a buying decision of the best scuba fin.