Xcel Thermoflex Scuba Diving Wetsuit Review

Xcel Thermoflex Scuba Diving Wetsuit

A Review

Xcel Thermoflex Scuba Diving Wetsuit Review


When diving in cold water conditions, just as much in warm water, every scuba diver needs a good wetsuit that can keep them warm, highly comfortable and super flexible. These features are requisite for attaining a stress-free and highly enjoyable dive every time a scuba diver hits the water. In this Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit review, we shall be looking at all the intricate features of this sophisticated dive suit while touching on each of the features that make it a top choice for every category of scuba divers.

Made with a 100% super-stretch neoprene material, Xcel Thermoflex is well capacitated to deliver the maximum guarantee of freedom of movement of all body parts whether you are inside or outside the water. Aside from the flexibility it delivers, it also possesses sealed seams that help to seal cold water out while retaining the heat within so that you will not get cold, even when diving in frigid waters.

Furthermore, on retaining a good level of body heat to keep you warm all-through your dive session, Xcel introduced the warm and fuzzy Thermo-Bamboo poly fleece lining which keeps your skin well moisturized and still retains body heat. Then, the DryLock wrist seals help to prevent flushing all with the aim of giving you proper warmth during dives. The convenient ankle zippers also have an integrated anti-flush dam to ensure a good seal. Also features duraflex knee pads, and an adjustable collar.

Being environmentally conscious, Xcel employs the use of limestone based neoprene and glue so that the wetsuits does not require oil-consuming processes. Rather, it uses hydro-electric power and waste energy instead. This shows that Xcel is not just a great wetsuit, it is also a dynamic and forward thinking brand.

Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit Review

When talking about the best of wetsuit material and design technology being inputted into the making of a good grade scuba diving suit, then you are talking about the Xcel Thermoflex. The wetsuit material is made with the TDC material that is a highly radical inner lining material. This material has been proven to have the capacity to recycle the heat that your body generates and turns that into an infrared energy for more warmth.

Also, this Thermo Dry Celliant technology contributes largely to the increased endurance capacity of the suit which makes it well served for resistance against abrasion, wear and tear. In the same vein, it is very good for enhancing the overall best performance of the diver that uses it.

To fit the criteria of being among the best scuba diving wetsuits around, such kit needs to perform well in the area of sealing off the water. In the case of the Thermoflex, has a semi dry zipper and an exclusive Drylock wrist seal that keeps the needed amount of water out of your suit while giving you the best comfort you need. Without a doubt, the Xcel Thermoflex is worth every dime invested into purchasing it.

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Material Nylon II Neoprene
Thickness 4 mm and 5 mm
Seams Glued and Blind-Stitched
Closure Front Zipper
Wetsuit Style Full Wetsuit

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  • TDC Thermo Dry Celliant High Pile
  • Ultra-stretch Neoprene
  • Comfortable, lightweight neoprene with softer foam and a tighter weave textile
  • Ankle Zippers With Inner Glideskin Dams
  • Possess Polar Protection System
  • Has a horizontal front zipper extends across the entire upper body for extra easy access without sacrificing warmth.

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Pros and Cons

  • Features the warmest wetsuit lining ever
  • Has clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology that converts body heat into usable infrared energy for greater warmth
  • Employs a diamond-patterned TDC which is a high pile, extra plush lining for even greater core warmth

  • Relatively Expensive


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Editors’ Opinion

Made with a 100% super-stretch neoprene material, Xcel Thermoflex is well capacitated to deliver maximum guarantee of freedom of movement of all body parts whether you are inside or outside the water.

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