Aqua Lung Aquaflex Scuba Diving Wetsuit

A Review

Aqua Lung Aquaflex Scuba Diving Wetsuit Review


A good wetsuit should be fitted on the scuba divers body, nothing other than this is acceptable. Although that is how it should be, many of the wetsuits around today still find it difficult to resolve that issue across varying scuba diver sizes. The Aquaflex has solved that problem with its custom easy-fit feature. This enables every diver to have a good experience every time they use the wetsuit. In this Aqua Lung Aquaflex wetsuit review, we will be looking at the intricacies and amazing qualities of this classy wetsuit.

Aquaflex neoprene material has always born the quality of triple flexibility which accounts for its super-stretch and perfectly fitting features. By this, the Aquaflex becomes a precise answer to every scuba divers’ prayer for a great wetsuit. Given the custom design from superior quality and fitting fabric, there need not be an ankle and wrist zipper – so this high-grade gear is without one. The reason for discarding the zippers is so that divers using the Aquaflex can have no reason to have water exchange and heat loss – as zippers are recorded to be avenues for such occurrence.

If quality standard is a crucial prerequisite for your choice scuba diving suit, then it will interest you to know that Aquaflex’s neoprene wetsuit is crafted specifically with the best standards in mind. This is confirmed by its three times stretch of standard neoprene. This advanced feature makes the Aquaflex very comfortable and good enough in flexibility for divers.

Considering the thickness of this wetsuit, Aqua Lung made it in 3 mm thickness which is the base measurement for standard neoprene layer, after which, the nylon outer and inner layer is added. Furthermore, you have the seams glued and blind-stitched, and then later sealed with liquid rubber. As an addition to the protection that this great wetsuit delivers, the glued seam also doubles as a protective function for keeping water out of your gear while sealing the warmth in.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex Wetsuit Review

Confirming the all-round quality that this great wetsuit delivers, Aqua Lung Aquaflex uses the same level of thickness across all areas of the wetsuit. On the Aquaflex, after the addition of the neoprene material, it is further layered with nylon outer and inner layers. Now, this makes the suit to be not only good looking but also delivering the best quality material that is highly resistant to tear and abrasion.

Furthermore, on the need for super protection for divers, the Aquaflex has spine pad that is integrated into the three-way zipper seal for the best and most secured diving experience ever.

Talk about a sensitive wetsuit brand, and you can count of Aqua Lung Aquaflex to be there for you. Prepared with neoprene – an environmentally safe non-petroleum based wetsuit material, you can rely on Aquaflex to be as responsible as it is effective in delivering the best diving experience for you.

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Material Nylon II Neoprene
Thickness 3 mm
Seams Glued and Blind-Stitched With Liquid-Rubber Seal
Closure 10 YKK Back Zipper With Pull Tab Leash
Wetsuit Style Full Wetsuit
Light Attachment Present


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  • 3mm thickness ideal for warmer, tropical diving
  • No ankle or wrist zippers to maintain warmth
  • Aquaflex neoprene is 3x more flexible than standard neoprene
  • Easy to don and doff, conforms to your shape well
  • Non-petroleum based neoprene is easier to dispose of
  • Pre-bent anatomically designed legs and arms
  • Super stretchy knee pads, wrist, and ankles
  • Outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions
  • Back zipper entry
  • Glued & blind-stitched seals
  • 4-Way Super-Stretch Neoprene
  • Provides Ultimate in Comfort and Quality
  • 3-Times the Stretch of Standard Neoprene
  • Easy Donning/Doffing
  • Outer Nylon Tighter Weave: Resistant to Abrasions & Hook-and-Loop Materials
  • Inner Nylon Material: Ultra-Soft, for Easy to Don/Doff
  • 3mm Neoprene: Environmentally Non-Petroleum Based Material
  • Skin-in-Neck Seal: Provides Comfortable Stretch and Seals Out Water
  • Pre-Bent Anatomic Legs and Arms for Comfort
  • YKK #10 YKK Back Zipper w/Pull Tab Leash
  • Supratex Knee Pads for Strength and Durability
  • Wrist Cuffs are Made w/Spandex Edge Tape

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Pros and Cons

  • Four way 3mm super stretch neoprene
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • Skin neck seal seals out water
  • Pre bent anatomic legs
  • Supratex knee pads for durability

  • Not as durable and protective as other brand’s 7mm wetsuits


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Editors’ Opinion

If quality standard is a crucial prerequisite for your choice scuba diving suit, then it will interest you to know that Aquaflex’s neoprene wetsuit is crafted specifically with the best standards in mind.

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