Zeagle Ranger LTD

A Review

Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD Review


As with every BCD that is an upgrade from an earlier version, the Ranger LTD is better, easier to use and more efficient that the Ranger from Zeagle. In this Zeagle Ranger LTD review, we will be examining the cools stuff that are added to the new and improved Ranger from Zeagle and how it aids the divers forage into the underwater world.

In reviewing the improvement made on the new Ranger, we noticed remarkable modifications in areas like the higher lift air cell, improved size, the waist panels, better and well fine-tuned fit, the adjustable webbing in the shoulder. More of these are the two added D-Rings that can be used to hang your bottles, a cool zipped attachment system that has proven very effective for stowing away accessories needed when diving.

Zeagle also included a lumbar pad to give divers standard comfort throughout their diving session. Worthy of mention is the removable rear trim weight system, a pair of mesh weight pouches for use in the Ranger LTD’s unique RipCord integrated weight system. If you count in the cargo pockets and six additional stainless-steel D-rings you will see that being adorned with the newly improved Ranger from Zeagle, a diver is better kitted to explore the amazing world of scuba diving with unmitigated comfort and convenience.

Zeagle Ranger LTD Review

With all these evident improvements, the Ranger LTD is a very strong and stable BC that provide a fitting up-front clutter giving the diver a sense of security and trust in this advanced diving gear. For its inflator, it has a rather traditional design which makes it somewhat bigger but still retaining the needed efficiency of deflating valve. By all standard, the Ranger LTD’s heads-up exhaust valves have been proven to perform better than most of their kind available on the market today.

To talk about the Ripcord weight release system on the Ranger LTs, one word will be ‘super-efficient.’ Matter of fact, thus far it remains the only system that features a one-handed ballast release. More so, the weight pockets are located at the back far away from center-waist so that it is more effective when loaded before outing it on. Another of the feature that is peculiar to the Ranger LTD is the fact that it is the only buoyancy control device whose rear trim weights can be released when needed.

The Zeagle Ranger LTD is equipped with personal fit system (PFS) modular sizing. This allows the diver using it to have a custom fit that is very assuring. Also, the diver using this BCD can change out any specific section of the BC due to the very sophisticated design it has. It also has an adjustable elastic waist panel and a lumbar pad which is mounted permanently in the rear of the vest section.

The Ranger LTD is made from heavily reinforced 1050-denier ballistic nylon and possess two zippered utility pockets, four stainless steel D-rings on the shoulders (two adjustable) and two stainless steel D-rings on the vest. All these so there is plenty of storage space and attachment points for all your accessories.

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BC Body Back Inflation
Buoyancy Bag 44 lbs. (20 kg)
Valves Dump Valves / Overpressure Relief
Pockets Two Zippered Pockets
Shoulder Straps Torso Adjustable With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckles
D-Rings Six Stainless Steel D-Rings
Waist Straps Adjustable With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Chest Buckle Adjustable Sternum With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Oral Inflator Zeagle BX Power Inflator
Materials 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon
Weight Capacity Releasable: 30Lbs (13.6Kg), Non-Releasable Rear Trim: 20Lbs (9Kg)

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  • Well toughened and durable for use in any condition
  • Possess a personal fit system
  • Have interchangeable components
  • Has adjustable waist panels
  • Replaceable shoulder sections
  • Constructed with heavily reinforced 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon
  • Accessory Attachment: 4-Stainless Steel (SS) D-Rings on Shoulders
  • 2-SS D-Rings on Vest
  • Super Duty Airlock Buckle: Swivel to Adjust Harness to Body’s Contour, Eliminate Binding-and-Restriction-of-Movement
  • Torso Adjustable Shoulder and Sternum Straps
  • Waist, Shoulder and Sternum Straps: Equipped with Squeeze-Style” Side-Release Buckles Easy and Quick Donning and Doffing
  • Easy and Quick Donning and Doffing
  • Lift: 44 lbs. (20 kg)
  • Zeagle’s Ripcord Weight System: 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) of Releasable Weight
  • Non-Releasable 20 lbs. (9 kg) Rear Trim Weight
  • 2-Zippered Utility Pockets
  • Accommodate Single or Twin Tanks with 11″ (27.8cm) Spaced Grommets for the Twin Cylinder Mounting
  • 2-Lower Rear, Right Shoulder Overpressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
  • Possess Zeagle BX power inflator
  • Cable Activated Pull Dump Valve for Rapid Deflation
  • Low Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose with 3/8″ Threads
  • Fast and Easy Inner Bladder Rinsing

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Pros and Cons

  • Personal fit modular system for a custom fit
  • Ripcord weight system
  • BX power inflator
  • Reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon

  • Relatively expensive


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Editors’ Opinion

There is no denying that the Zeagle Ranger cost a little more than the regular BCDs, but then, that is the cool thing about it. It delivers way more than the regular BCDs can. This is evident in its design, construction and delivery. Armed with this buoyancy device, a diver may not need to get another pair in a long time.

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