Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD

A Review

Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD Review


Being the latest of the new development of BCDs from Sherwood, the CQR 3 is a dynamic and uniquely thoroughbred of a buoyancy compensator. In this Sherwood Avid CQR 3 review, we will be thoroughly reviewing the functionalities and efficiency of the buoyancy compensator. As an improvement on the earlier designs and model of Sherwood BCs, the Avid CQR 3 saw improvements in areas like its new and bespoke styling and the integrated weight system. In totality, the Avid CQR 3 is a strong, tough and highly comfortable-to-use buoyancy gear that covers all your diving need.

Because of the improvement on this CQR 3, divers get more reassurance of a better and improved weight system that makes the installation and dumping of weights as easy as can be. There is also a toggle line included for more security of use and concentrated efficiency. The pockets on the CQR 3 can comfortably hold some 8 to 13 lbs. of weight considering the size of the BC in use. Measuring in kilogram, that is some 3.6 to 5.8kg of weight.

While the outer fabric is made from well-toughened 1000-denier nylon, it has six stainless steel D-Rings to help with the attachment of other useful kits like the dive lights, dive knives, cameras, etc. To take a look at the bladder of this dynamic scuba diving buoyancy compensator, it is made from heavy duty 1000 Denier and Urethane backed nylon that gives it more reinforced durability. Aside from this, it is also designed to provide superior comfort in warm water conditions while still delivering the perfect lift in cold water temperature as well.

Sherwood Avid CQR 3 Review

Since the Avid CQR 3 is a jacket styled, it totally works in a way that it ensures that air is completely wrapped around the divers’ body for ease of floating and buoyancy while diving. At full inflation, the CQR 3 combines it high dimensional air cell and the sturdy suspension strap system to create a strong and assuring fit that writes off the chances of the buoyancy gear squeezing in on you.

As mentioned earlier, the CQR 3 is made to give divers total and unequaled comfort and convenience. It has a convenient utility pocket that possesses hook and loop closure sized and comes with the AKONA Safety Tube. There is also a removable and adjustable sternum strap which grants complete fit and an easy-to-operate oral and power inflator. This makes the buoyancy controls well in case of a snap when diving.

There are some three dump valves on this buoyancy compensator, and they are strategically located on the left and right shoulders while the third one is on the lower left of the air cell. This instinctive positioning makes dumping air so easy and effortless.

As for the dump valves positioned on the right and lower side of the BC, they have pull dump handles that can be tugged for quick access release. The third valve is integrated into the upper part of the power inflator and can be activated by a cable that runs down the corrugated power inflator hose. In a nutshell, everything about the CQR 3 is efficiently positioned and tailored to meet specific divers’ needs and perform its function with utmost efficiency.

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BC Body Jacket Style
Buoyancy Bag Xs: 20 Lbs. (9 Kg), Sm: 25 Lbs. (11.3 Kg), Md: 29 Lbs. (13 Kg), Lg: 32 Lbs. (14.5 Kg), Xl, 2Xl & 3Xl: 36 Lbs. (16.3 Kg)
Valves Three Dump / Overpressure Relief
Pockets Two Zippered Pockets and One Hook and Loop
Shoulder Straps Torso Adjustable
D-Rings Six Stainless Steel D-Rings
Waist Straps Adjustable Cummerbund With Waist Webbing
Chest Buckle Adjustable Removable Sternum Strap
Oral Inflator Sherwood Power Inflator
Materials 1000 Denier Nylon With Urethane Laminate
Weight Capacity Releasable: Xs & Sm: 16 Lbs (7.26 Kg), Releasable Lg & Xl: 20 Lbs (9 Kg), Releasable 2 & 3 Xl: 26 Lbs (11.8 Kg), Non-Releasable All: 10 Lbs (4.5 Kg)

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  • New 2013 CQR 3 Weight System
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps give you a Better Fit
  • 3-D Designed Air Cell that Wraps around the Body for Exceptional Stability
  • Suspension Strap Promotes Air Cell Movement, thus Preventing Squeeze
  • Utility Zippered Side Pockets for Additional Scuba Accessories
  • Removable and Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Rear Lower Vent Valve Releases Unwanted Air while you are Descending
  • Right Shoulder Vent Valve for Convenient Buoyancy Control
  • Two Non-Releasing Trim Weight Pockets for Enhanced Stability
  • Custom Pocket for Optional AKONA Safety Tube
  • MiniPac Cylinder Mounting System Provides Dual Mounts
  • High Lift in All Sizes
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Low-Pressure Hose
  • New webbing allows for smoother shoulder and waist strap adjustments
  • Freshly designed trim weight pockets provide better accessibility and easier trim weight adjustments
  • The exhaust valves provide refreshing and contemporary look

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Pros and Cons

  • Updated jacket style BCD
  • 3-D designed air cell for better stability
  • MiniPac cylinder mounting provide dual mounts
  • Convenient CQR weight management system
  • Power inflator system

  • Awkward zipper position which inhibits access to the pockets


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Editors’ Opinion

When a diver is looking for a well-improved buoyancy control device that has the fused power and function of world class BCDs, then the Sherwood Avid CQR 3 is the best bet.

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