Seac Sherpa BCD

A Review

Seac Sherpa Buoyancy Control Device Review


The Sherpa is another of the BCDs from Seac that follows the strict quality process of design and fabrication.  In this Seac Sherpa review, we shall be reviewing some of the distinctive features of this great BCD like its durability and highly full-featured nature. Just about every diver will love the padded back plate feature that it is designed with because it has an extended lumbar support that helps to transfer the weight of the tank weight onto the hips of the diver. This helps to largely reduce the stress on the divers shoulder giving room for more flexibility and comfort.

Among all of the Seac Sherpa’s features, a few still stand out. One of such is it air cell that wraps tightly around the tank. It has a large cell that has some 55 lbs. of lift in size medium and is designed to be wrapped around while keeping it largely streamlined regardless of whether it is inflated or empty.

Seac Sherpa Review

The Sherpa also has a well functional lift ability that is concentrated in the back of the buoyancy compensator. Irrespective of this backside lift positioning, there is still enough power at the waist level to warrant a comfortable surface floating. It is also known to trim very easily and smoothly. For its integrated weight system, you will fancy the latching mechanism that is aptly positioned on the outside where it can be easily seen and reached.

Also, the barrage of locations for keeping your extras is just enough for all the accessories that you will need to carry along during every dive. These are very adjustable and have sturdy harnesses. The Sherpa also have pockets that are deep enough to contain the required weight systems that the diver can need. There is also the six stainless D-Rings that has some extra (two) on the shoulder straps and can be adjusted to suit needs per time.

Divers gave the Sherpa excellent scores for attitude and remarkable stability, excellent comfort and quick adjustment, awesome valve operation, ascent control, and floating position. In the same vein, the Sherpa ranked high for it good for setup as well.

You will agree that the Sherpa matches in perfect combination these features: style, performance, and comfort. It features a Cordura 1000 wrapping around it highly innovative back-inflate design that incorporates SEACs proprietary Q&S Weight System and AHS Frame to Back Harness systems. It bladder comes with a 3-D effect wrapped around the cylinder guaranteeing to improve stability and weight distribution.

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BC Body Back Inflator
Buoyancy Bag X-Small, Small And Medium: 32 Lbs (14.5 Kg), Large And X-Large: 38 Lbs (17.24 Kg)
Valves Shoulder Dump Valve, Lower Back Positioned Valve, and Inflator Area.
Shoulder Straps Frame-To-Back System
D-Rings 6 2 inches Aluminum Rings and Two Extra At The Shoulder Strap
Waist Straps Adjustable Waist Strap
Chest Buckle Adjustable Sternum
Oral Inflator Power Inflator
Materials Cordura Nylon
Weight Capacity 32 lbs. L/XL/2XL and 24 lbs. S/M (24 lbs Diver releasable for sizes L/XL/2XL or 16 lbs Diver releasable for sizes S/M – 8 lbs


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  • Cordura 1000 Nylon
  • 3D air cell with wings that wrap around the air tank cylinder to improve weight distribution
  • The quick adjusting weight system ensures a quick release to keep you safe
  • AHS frame to back harness system
  • SCS inflator
  • Sternum adjustment
  • Advanced padded backpack frame
  • Six stainless steel D-rings with two extras
  • Integrated Weight System – 32 lbs. L/XL/2XL and 24 lbs. S/M (24 lbs Diver releasable for sizes L/XL/2XL or 16 lbs Diver releasable for sizes S/M – 8 lbs
  • Three dump valves with pull command
  • Sizes/Lift Ratio: Small/37, Medium/44, Large/44, XLarge/52.9, 2XLarge/52.9

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Pros and Cons

  • The padded backpack frame is more advanced that most other BCDs on the market
  • Comes with two extra D-Rings
  • Possesses sternum adjustment for ease and simplicity of use

  • Not as advanced as the Seac Icaro
  • The trim-weight pockets, which slide on the tank band


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Editors’ Opinion

As far as we have seen, the Sherpa remains the best buoyancy control device that possesses the most sturdy and effective buoyancy for recreational divers. So it is a worthy selection for divers who fall in that category.

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