Seac Icaro 2000 BCD

A Review

Seac Icaro 2000 BCD Review


In this Seac Icaro 2000 review, we will be highlighting the developmental circle that the Icaro took when compared to earlier versions of the Seac BCD and also showing the sophisticated improvements that came with that development. The Icaro 2000 is a vivid improvement on the earlier versions of Seac’s BCD in the area of weight, bladder size and a super dynamic adjustable harness.

To achieve this new capacity, the Icaro 2000 has far less weight, smaller bladder and a one-size-fits-all adjustable harness that makes it not only more good looking than the earlier Seacs, but also better functional and ultimately comfortable for divers to use. It has a padded aluminum back plate and a harness that supports a wing cell that is so detached that it gives divers a robust room for flexibility and good motion. The wing cell has a protective tough cover and some three remote exhausts for efficiency.

The Icaro 2000 owes its compact size to the small size of the back plate and a well functional compressible air cell. At such, it can be comfortably packed into a small package for your travel or walk to the beach for dives. Further, it has a buoyancy lift of some 35 pounds, which is just good enough to deliver on a diver need for buoyancy at any point.

Seac Icaro 2000 Review

Given all these features, it is not surprising that the Icaro 2000 is ultimately lightweight and is highly functional and adaptable to any divers need. What is more, it is also rugged enough to withstand wear, tear and abrasion in harsh conditions. This gives it a cool companion-like feel that goes with the diver who opts for the Icaro 2000 a long time down the line.

For its features, the Icaro 2000 has an aluminum back plate, double bladder, quick adjustment system etc. All these to make the diver have a world class BCD experience that supersedes all other that they might have had with other buoyancy control device. We are talking exceptional freedom of movement, lightweight feel, etc. By all indications, the Icaro 2000 can conveniently be adjudged as one of the best BCDs on the market today.

Some other cool features of the Icaro includes an outer bladder that is crafted with Cordura 1000 D fabric and doubly secured with coats of Polyurethane for maximum resistance to wear and tear. The inner bladder is also designed with Polyurethane and there are the three attached dump valves positioned on the shoulder, the lower back and the inflator area. These valves are designed to come off at the slightest tug.

Seac is recognized and appreciated divers world-over for its complete line of stabilizing BCDs: strong and long-lasting products that are characterized by high buoyancy and modern technical quality of the materials. The Icaro 2000 aptly possess all these.

Their absolute reliability is guaranteed by strict 100% quality control and EC certification. Innovative design and easy use continue to be SEAC’s priority, once again confirming their dedication to satisfying the needs of each individual diver.

The Icaro 2000 from Seac is designed with a frame-to-back system which is best for anchoring the shoulder straps while connecting it directly to the back plate. This is further made possible by the volumetric expansion of the bag that has no effect on the straps. This allows greater comfort and maximum adaptation to the various body shapes.

When diving, it is important that one’s BCD has the capacity for high lift wen the need arise. In the Icaro 2000, there is the presence of a high buoyancy force that satisfies even the most demanding diver’s need, allowing them to wear heavy cylinders and various accessories with no problems.

Every diver will definitely find the sternum adjustment quite intangible for use. This is because the sternum closure is adjustable and can be positioned at two different heights and adjusted with the practical buckles. This allows a better fit for various body shapes and the position of the drysuit valve.

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BC Body Back Inflator
Buoyancy Bag X-Small, Small And Medium: 32 Lbs (14.5 Kg), Large And X-Large: 38 Lbs (17.24 Kg)
Valves Shoulder Dump Valve, Lower Back Positioned Valve and Inflator Area.
Shoulder Straps Frame-To-Back System
D-Rings 6 2 inches Aluminum Rings
Waist Straps Adjustable Waist Strap
Chest Buckle Adjustable Sternum
Oral Inflator Power Inflator
Materials Polyurethane
Weight Capacity Dump-Able: 14 Lbs (6.4 Kg), Trim Pockets: Dual 5 Lbs (2.3 Kg)


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  • Outer bladder material: Cordura 1000 D coated in PU
  • Inner bladder material: Polyurethane
  • Dump valve: 3 (shoulder, inflator,lower back) with pull commands
  • D-rings: 6 – 2 in (50mm) aluminium rings
  • Dry weight: 4.4 lbs (2500 g)
  • Weight pocket (Optional for Icaro Tech and Icaro) with the Q&S system fastener
  • Removable Jock Strap
  • Elastics to reduce Volume
  • Quick Adjust System
  • Double Bladder
  • Aluminum Back Plate

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Pros and Cons

  • Arguably one of the lightest BCD available
  • Dump valves are very easy to pull
  • Guaranteed high lift

  • Does not have an integrated weight system


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Editors’ Opinion

For divers who do not like a complicated process of adorning the BCD, the Icaro 2000 is the best choice. Lightweight, easy to wear and use are just a few of the feature that this buoyancy compensator brings to the table.

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