Cressi Ace Buoyancy Control Device

A Review

Cressi Ace BCD Review


If there are any features that are outstanding and remarkable about the Cressi Ace Buoyancy Compensator, they are its lightweight and high lift capacity. For a scuba BCD, these are just hugely relevant for ensuring that a diver gets the best of time diving. In this Cressi Ace review, we will show how that the Ace is not just a lightweight BC, but also that it guarantees users a high-grade level of comfort and wearability.

Another of the great features of the Ace are the detachable harness and the air cell. Much more that these, you have a BCD that does not run any recorded interference with your flexibility while diving. Divers who opt for the Ace are met with a bespoke buoyancy control device that is rear-mounted and yet does not have to interfere with any adjustment straps even when it is inflated, and divers are underwater. By these, the diver is given a robust level of freedom and flexibility to achieve more while diving.

Cressi Ace BCD Review

It also has a unique air compression strap that ensures that the diver can quickly deflate and control the volume in the BCD. You will agree that for a good BC, nothing beats promptness and ease. It has a strong backplate that makes it possible for divers to dive on with maximum stability and control while also providing the custom Cressi Flat-Lock-Aid weight system. This additional feature makes it possible for the diver using the Ace to easily release the pockets and rear ballast bags.

For accessories, the Ace comes with four 50mm shoulder aluminum D-rings and four 25mm aluminum D-rings. Two each of these are positioned in the pocket and the lower parts of the harness. The BCD also have three pressure relief valves which are positioned on the upper part of the hose, one reel-operated valve on the right-hand side of the shoulder and a third on the lower right-hand side of the air cell.

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BC Body Back Inflator Style
Buoyancy Bag XS & SM; 29.2 lbs. (13.3 kg), MD; 42.7 lbs. (19.4 kg), LG & XL; 50.6 lbs. (22.9 kg)
Valves Three Overpressure Relief/Dump Valves
Pockets Two Zippered
Shoulder Straps Torso Adjustable With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckles
Stainless Steel Rings Four Stainless Steel, Four Aluminum
Waist Strap Adjustable With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Chest Buckle Adjustable With Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Oral Inflator Cressi Commando Power Inflator
Materials Internally Urethane Laminated 420-Denier Nylon
Weight Capacity Releasable; 20 lbs. (9 kg), Non-Releasable; 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

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    • Development of rear-mounted air cell
    • Air cell material: 420 denier nylon
    • Integrated Cressi Flat-lock Aid Weight System
    • Two rear ballast pouches
    • Three pressure relief valves
    • Four 50mm aluminum D-rings on the shoulder straps
    • Four 25 mm stainless steel D-rings (2 on the pockets and 2 on the lower part of the harness)
    • Ultralight rigid back plate with carrying handle
    • Next-generation anatomical inflator with hose retainer
    • Multipurpose zip pockets
    • 50 mm quick-release buckled shoulder straps

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Pros and Cons

  • Highly comfortable to wear and maneuver in
  • Possess large pockets for stowing away needed spares
  • Have several D-rings available for immediate use
  • Relatively Affordable for the features it offers

  • The mouth-piece on the oral inflator is a bit small for convenience

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Editors’ Opinion

This is not just an ordinary buoyancy control device; it is an exceptionally dynamic BC that provides high-level comfort and top-grade buoyancy for any scuba diver and any kind of water condition

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