Cressi Leonardo Console Scuba Diving Computer

A Review

Cressi Leonardo Console Scuba Diving Computer Review


Durability and reliability are crucial qualities that a good dive computer should have, because those amount to the focal point of why a scuba diver needs a diving computer in the first place. The Cressi Leonardo is a computer that has long been known for its extremely durable and reliable qualities. That is one of the reasons it has been popularly heralded as one of the best dive computers available today. In this Cressi Leonardo computer review, we shall be discussing all the endearing features that it possess and sharing reasons why many divers love it.

The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer is an extremely durable and reliable scuba computer that is easy to use without sacrificing features. It offers all the features of a high priced scuba computer at an affordable price.

There are a whole lot of console dive computers on the market today, but Cressi Leonardo console scuba diving computer is designed with the intricacies that is peculiar to Cressi’s over fifty years of experience. With this robust pool to draw from, the Leonardo console is proudly one of the best scuba computers on the market today.

It has a digital scuba gauge that is designed to work with air or nitrox breathing gases without any problems. It also has an included gauge mode that provides use as a bottom timer. While monitoring oxygen fraction (FO2) and pressure (PO2), a Wienke-Haldane Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) algorithm will accurately track saturation levels, maximizing safety and comfort on the way back to the surface.

With a battery indicator that is custom made to be highly efficient and robust in delivery, it is features a good foolproof way to know when there is just enough juice left for the next dive. The console comes with a user-replaceable battery which makes it easy to keep the computer working fine at all times, without having to discard it. Paired with a built in calendar and clock, this makes the Cressi Leonardo the perfect scuba wrist computer for anyone who travels to dive.

Cressi Leonardo Computer Review

Before getting into the water, it’s easy to run through the dive plan with the dive simulator mode. This feature is simple to access with the one-button operation mode of the scuba computer. This means there’s no need to search for the right button on the wrist dive computer, just click to choose an option, then long press to select.

Back on the surface, free log software available for PC or Mac allows even more information available for this diving computer, showing information sampled every twenty seconds from the last sixty dives up to seventy-five hours of total dive time. This makes it much easier to study previous performance and plan future dives better without spending all of your time scrutinizing your scuba gauges.

Cressi Leonardo is a mid-range dive computer that is best suited for recreational divers and early entrants into scuba diving. This conclusion is premised on the simplistic features that it renders. With an operational depth of 0 to 120 meters and a CR2430 3 Volt replaceable battery you have a dive computer that can meet your basic dive needs and do that in the best way possible for recreational scuba dive.

It has a backlight feature that helps to light up the display thereby aiding your visibility and reading while underwater. By all means, it is a good choice for considering everything from the price to the very simple and easy-to-use setup.

It is true that beginners need all the time and energy they have to concentrate on underwater maneuver and sundry. Hence, they are better to adorn a computer that can be easily read, interpreted and operated. By all standards, Leonardo possesses all these features: single-button for easier operation, a big edge-to-edge screen for clearer visibility, visible battery icon and an audible alarm system.

On the technical side, Leonardo has a bespoke RGBM algorithm which allows the diver to carry out safe decompression calculation. Also, you are provided with all the information needed for a robust scuba diving experience.

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Algorithm RGBM Algorithm: Bruce Weinke / Haldane Model
Depth Display 0 to 120 Meters
Audible Alarm Has an Audible Alarm System
Altitude Adjustable Yes, Up To 3,700 Meters
Backlight Possess A Good Backlight
Operating Mode Air, Nitrox, or Gauge.
Upgradeable The Device Can Be Upgraded
Memory Capacity 60 Dives (70 Hours)
Display Type Imperial and Metric Display
Power 3-Volt CR2430 Battery
Pressure Gauge Material Polycarbonate and Desmopan


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  • Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes support a variety of breathing gases
  • Fraction of oxygen adjustable between 21% and 50%
  • Oxygen pressure adjustable between 1.2 and 1.6 bar
  • Alerts about CNS oxygen toxicity using a graphic indicator for improved
  • Simplified single button interface uses a short push to change functions, long push to select
  • Three levels of user-selected conservatism to tune gas usage to performance needs
  • User-selectable Deep Stop function reduces fatigue after long dives
  • Uses a modified Haldane and Wienke RGBM algorithm to time ascents
  • Measures 9 tissues for saturation hemi-phases between 2.5 and 480 minutes
  • Ascent rate alarm sounds at speeds greater than 10 meters per minute to provide additional safety
  • Log book tracks last 60 dives/75 hours, registering at a 20-second sampling rate
  • Battery Life indicator makes it easy to see how much juice is left
  • Battery is user-changeable, so there’s no need to cancel a dive while waiting for a replacement
  • Distinct, easy to hear alarms won’t be mistaken for other diving computers
  • Operates in Imperial or Metric units
  • Backlit display can be easily read in low-light conditions
  • Built in calendar and clock
  • Full reset makes it easy to share this scuba computer between several users
  • Dive software for PC or Mac allows for easier and more detailed setup of dive profiles

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Pros and Cons

  • Works for PC and Mac
  • Can be shared between several users

  • A bit technical for new users

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Editors’ Opinion

The Cressi Leonardo is a computer that has long been known for its extremely durable and reliable qualities. That is one of the reasons it has been popularly heralded as one of the best dive computers available today.

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