Sporasub Marseille Belt

A Review

Sporasub Marseille Belt Review


Getting a good weight belt can be an easy choice to make, just look for a reputable brand, and you can be sure that you can get a trust-worthy belt. The problem arises when the belt cannot fit in the desired position. In our Sporasub Marseille Belt review, we will appraise this belt as a very sophisticated scuba weight belt that is reckoned to stay in its desired position without slipping off. More so, it has an attachment system that can be effectively applied to any type of weight.

As a scuba diver, if your desire for a weight belt is a stand-alone model and you are interested in a system that stays fitted around your waist without affecting your balance, then the Sporasub harness belt is your best choice. This awesome belt takes away the risk of the weight belt getting displaced thus affecting your buoyancy underwater.

Made from rubber, the belt can be stretched tight when you are out of the water and can compress when you descend into the water. This simple yet tactical design helps to reduce the belts’ circumference around your waist and removes the chances of the belt loosening while diving. The belt will then re-expand upon ascent, remaining comfortable-and-secure throughout the dive. All through your dive time, you can count on the custom belt holding system to aid your experience.

It is comes equipped with standard Marseille buckle which is manufactured by compression molding from a highly elastic natural rubber. The metal buckle is made of corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass for more efficiency in delivery. The belt holding system is a rubber crotch strap that will keep it more stable when you are inverted making a headfirst surface dive.

Sporasub Marseille Belt Review

It is designed with the standard Marseille Buckle which is manufactured using the compression molding technique from a highly elastic natural rubber. With this, any scuba diver that opts for this belt will be in for an unequaled experience using the weight system. For maximum strength, it has a metal buckle that is made of corrosion resistant nickel-plated brass. This gets you assured of longer lifespan even with continuous use in any water condition.

As an addition, the Sporasub Marseille belt comes with a reputable belt holding system. This is a rubber crotch strap that will keep the belt more stable when you are inverted making a headfirst surface dive. This System is a plus for spear fishing and free-diving techniques.

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Belt Material Rubber
Buckle Nickle-Plated Brass
Lead Type Hard or Soft With Pockets
Closure Type Marseille Buckle


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  • Highly Elastic Natural Rubber Compression Molded Belt
  • Corrosion Resistant Nickel Plated Buckle
  • Includes Holding System Crotch Strap
  • Belt Prevents Weight Belt Slippage
  • Depth Compensating Design, Compresses Upon-Descent, Expands During Ascent
  • Use with Hard or Soft Weight Pockets
  • Systems a Plus for Spear Fishing and Free-Diving Techniques

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Pros and Cons

  • Depth compensating design
  • Natural rubber compression molded belt
  • Prevents weight slippage
  • Compatible with hard or soft weights

  • Somewhat rigid at first few uses


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Editors’ Opinion

Having a belt that is sure not to fall off or slack when scuba diving is a great luxury that aids every scuba divers’ experience. The Sporasub Marseille belt is just the right dive weight belt to fit that need anytime any day.

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