Pinnacle Comfo Weight Belt

A Review

Pinnacle Comfo Weight Belt Review


There isn’t much of a problem getting an integrated weight buoyancy system for your scuba diving sessions, all it will take is a surf on the internet. The bane of the argument is whether you can get a weight system that is good enough to give you the best buoyancy experience. In this Pinnacle Comfo weight belt review, we will be examining the claim that it offers the highest quality weight system around today. This is a lofty claim. However, the Pinnacle brand has met and surpassed such standards in the past.

For a long time now, the Pinnacle Comfo belts have been reckoned as a high-quality weight belt that delivers incredible quality buoyancy control for scuba divers. Also, they are available in multiple colors and sizes. This makes them a choice weight belt for many scuba divers across a large area. With this, the Pinnacle Comfo has been adjudged as one of the best aesthetically good and functionally awesome scuba diving harness around.

The belt is very effective at meeting the buoyancy need of all types of divers ranging from dry suit divers to professionals and large body-sized divers who require more to balance up their buoyancy. Whatever your dive need, you can count on the Pinnacle Comfo to delivers just well for it. Made from premium Nylon webbing with stainless steel buckles, this dynamic weight belt has its pockets taped and sewn for maximum assurance.

Pinnacle Comfo Weight Belt Review

The Belt is designed with a dynamically durable and sturdy material: nylon webbing waist strap while the latch style buckle is made from good grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant. Delivering much more than just a balance system, it also features a self-draining system that gets rid of water trapped in the pockets after getting out of the ocean. Finally, you will like the rubber friction strips that keep the belt from sliding or slipping around your wetsuit.

The Cumfo Belt is the highest quality, most feature packed weight belt on the market today. Available in three different colors and four different sizes, there is a Cumfo Belt for every diver’s size and weight-carrying needs. Drysuit divers, technical divers, and larger divers who have needs that supersede the capabilities of weight integrated BCs will find all of their desires met with the Cumfo Belt.

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Belt Material Nylon Webbing
Pocket Material Neoprene
Buckle Stainless Steel
Lead Type Soft or Hard Pouch
Closure Type Latch Style Buckle
Weight Capacity 7 lbs.
Weight Four:, 4 Weight Pockets: 25″ To 40″ (63.5 To 101.6 Cm) Waist Lengths, – 5 Weight Pockets: 30″ To 45″ (76.2 To 114.3 Cm) Waist Lengths, – 6 Weight Pockets: 35″ To 50″ (88.9 To 127 Cm) Waist Lengths, – 7 Weight Pockets: 40″ To 55″ (101.6 To 140 Cm) Waist Lengths

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  • Highest Quality Most Feature-Pack Weight Belt on Market Today
  • 3-Colors, 4-Sizes
  • Comfo Belt for Every Divers Size and Weight Carrying Needs
  • Dry Suit Diver, Technical Divers, and Large Divers
  • Durable 2 inches (5 cm) Nylon Webbing Waist Strap
  • Free Stainless Steel Latch-Style Buckle
  •  Durable Nylon with Taped and Sewn Edge Weight Pockets
  • Has Rubber Friction Strips That Prevent Belt from Slipping
  • Possesses Non-Corrosive Plastic D-Rings
  • Block and Shot-Type Weights Compatible
  • Pocket Capacity: 7 lbs. (3 2 kg) Weight Capacity
  • Plastic D-Rings for Attachment-of-Accessories

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Pros and Cons

  • Feature packed weight belt
  • Exceeds capabilities of weight integrated BCD
  • Block and shot-type weights compatible
  • Durable nylon, taped and sewn construction
  • Meets every diver size & weight requirements

  • Relatively small capacity


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Editors’ Opinion

There is no need to play around with words regarding the Pinnacle Comfo weight belt. Simply put, it is a weight system that is good enough to give you the best buoyancy experience when diving.

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