Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt

A Review

Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt Review


When scuba diving, it is important to have a weight system attached so as to be able to maneuver your buoyancy better and with much ease. Many at times, this can mark the difference between an enjoyable dive session and a rather problematic one. In this Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt review, we will be discussing extensively, the features of this exceptional scuba weight system.

Made from high-quality Neoprene materials, the Aqua Neoprene pocket weight belt system is remarkably durable and easy-to-use as a weight kit. Not only does it delivers top-notch weight buoyancy, but it also performs that in a very comfortable manner. This makes the Aqua Neoprene a choice weight system for many scuba divers.  This Neoprene belt delivers the best in buoyancy weighting when combined with shot lead pouches so that it works as a totally “soft” weight belt giving you a high level of comfort. It works just as effectively with block lead weights too.

For its exterior fabrication, the belt is made from 5 mm neoprene materials with heavy-duty 2 inches nylon webbing for added durability. It also highly non-corrosive and has an impact-resistant plastic buckle for the best durability.

Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt Review

The Aqua neoprene weight belt is commonly used for all diving applications, recreation, warm water and more. The weight belt is famous because divers like its easy to use, functional, improve the diving experience, lightweight, robust construction qualities.

Considering the measurement, the belt has a range of weight capacities that make it useful for a cross-section of scuba divers depending on attributes like waist size and weight capacities. The dimensional measurement for these are: 4-Pocket Belt fits Waist sizes from 23″ to 31″ (58 4 to 78 7 cm), 5-Pocket Belt fits Waist sizes from 29″ to 38″ (73 7 to 96 5 cm), 6-Pocket Belt fits Waist sizes 34″ to 43″ (86 4 to 109 2 cm) and the 7-Pocket Belt fits Waist sizes 39″ to 48″ (99 to 122 cm).

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Belt Material Nylon Webbing
Pocket Material Neoprene
Buckle Plastic Buckles
Lead Type Soft or Block Pouch
Closure Type Latch Style Quick Release Buckle
Weight Capacity 4 Pocket: 0.65 lb.,

5 Pocket: 0.7 lb.,

6 Pocket, 7 Pocket: 0.8 lb.,

8 Pocket: 0.85 lb.


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  • Durable 5 mm Neoprene Pockets
  • Strong 2″ (5 cm) Nylon Webbing Belt
  • Non-Corrosive Impact-Resistant Plastic Quick-Release Buckle
  • Works with Shot Pouched or Block Lead
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Easy to Change-Out Weight Pockets
  • Available in 4 Pocket Sizes

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Pros and Cons

  • Durable 5 mm neoprene pockets
  • Impact resistant plastic quick release buckle
  • Works with shot pouched or block lead

  • More responsive to soft than block pouch


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Editors’ Opinion

The Aqua Neoprene weight system is a compact yet powerfully effective weight system. Highly recommended for divers across varying categories.

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