Top Best 8 Scuba Dive Weight System

Buying Guide & Advice

 Image Brand  Material Lead Type Weight Capacity  Price
Best Scuba weight System XS Scuba Single Weight Pocket Nylon, Hook and Loop Hard or Soft 5 lbs. (2.27kg) $$
Best Scuba weight System XS Scuba Weight Belt Belt: 2 inches (5.1 Cm) Nylon Webbing With Stainless Steel Weight Keepers. Buckle: Glass Filled Nylon. Pocket: 1000 Denier Cordura Hard or Soft 5 lbs. (2.27kg) $$
Best Scuba weight System Pinnacle Comfo Belt Belt: 2 inches (5.1 Cm) Nylon Webbing. Buckle: Stainless Steel. Pocket: Nylon With Taped And Sewn Edges Hard or Soft 7 lbs. (3.2kg) $$
Best Scuba weight System Sporasub Marseille Belt Belt: Rubber. Buckle: Nickel-Plated Brass. Hard or Soft With Pockets 1.2 lbs. (0.54kg)


Best Scuba weight System Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt Belt: Nylon Webbing. Buckle: Plastic. Pockets: Neoprene Block or Soft Pouch 1.2 lbs. (0.54kg) $$

Top Best 8 Scuba Dive Weight System – Review and Buyers’ Advice

Generally, a huge percentage of people are prone to float when in water. That is good if you are in a pool but when diving, scuba divers want to sink and go right to the bottom of the water. To achieve this, divers need to be equipped with the best dive weight system that can counter the tendency to float. Aside from the natural floating tendency of humans, divers also face the buoyancy that other dive equipment like the wetsuit, dive tank, etc. gives. To counter this, divers need to wear weighting systems to keep the down when in the water.

To get the best position when diving, divers need the right amount of weight systems that are properly distributed so as to have a fine-tuned buoyancy. That is half the problem though; the other half is finding a good dive weight system that works for you. There are a whole lot of systems to choose from, weight belts, ankle straps, etc. knowing which works can thus be a problem. One of the most effective way to know this is to try out various types available in a pool so as to know which works best for you. Let’s examine some of the types of weight systems available.


Lead Block Diving Weight Belt

This dive weight belt is the standard harness type and is the most common of the system.  This scuba harness comes with a tough nylon belt which has pockets along the length. The lead block weights are then positioned in the pockets in accordance with the need that the diver requires per time. For controlled release, the lead block belt is equipped with a quick release buckle that makes sure that a diver can dismount the belt fast and quickly in the case of emergency. To a considerable extent, this type of dive harness has proven to be effective that is why they are common at rental stores.

Pocket Diving Weight Belt

A simple but very efficient diving harness system, the pocket belt weight system is an effective choice for divers who find it comfortable for use. It is designed with a nylon belt that has pockets affixed along the length of the belt.

The pocket dive weight system is advantageous because divers can conveniently add and take off leads when need be so as to adjust their buoyancy accordingly. Also, it doesn’t hurt the diver’s sides like the lead block weight system does. This makes it a viable alternative to the more discomforting Lead Block type.

Lead Shot Diving Weight System

Lead shot weight system works well for maintaining buoyancy while scuba diving. It is a pouch in which lead shots are filled to the required weight requirement of the diver. Unlike the block belt, this harness system is very good for diver owing to its very comfortable use. Being that it is a pouch that hangs down beside the dive, it does not pose any hindrance for the diver.

The saying is common among professional divers that once one opt for the lead shot diving weight system, you never go back to the other styles of systems available. To affirm or deny this statement will be strictly judged by personal experience. When using the lead shot system, divers will need to put supplementary pocket weights in case their buoyancy changes, and they need to maintain it.

Brace Diving Weight System

This type of diving weight system is a combination of harness and backplate. To achieve the needed buoyancy, ideal weights can be attached to the various areas around the brace. By so doing, the weight is evenly distributed and does not cause any discomfort to the diver. This system also distributes the weight of the tank accordingly with so as to maintain the best buoyancy for divers.

Integrated Diving Weight System

Being that this weight system is designed into the divers BCD, it takes away the need for the diver to carry or strap any additional belt which can cause quite some discomfort for divers. Among dives, this system has been adjudged to be more efficient and effective for diving because it allows for a more balanced weighting and it does not cause any hindrance like those with straps and pouches.

Ankle Diving Weight System

As the name implies, this system type is strapped around the ankle. Because some divers complain that their legs sometimes float upwards when diving and thus affect the maintenance of buoyancy, the ankle weights are a good solution to that anomaly.  Not only does it solve that problem, but it also helps to keep the diver on the desired buoyancy level while still being able to address the issue of trip.

Best Pick/Choice Of Scuba Diving Weight System Review

  1. XS Scuba Single Weight Pocket

Best Scuba weight System

Material: Nylon, Hook, and Loop

Lead Type: Hard or Soft

Closure: Hook and Loop

Weight Capacity: 5 lbs. (2.27kg)

The XS Scuba single weight pocket is a multi-dimensional belt that is designed to help you get the simple and efficient weight harness that can be strung to your belt without causing discomfort to your waist. XS Scuba knows that comfort is crucial to a good dive experience, so they have created one of the best belt harness system available on the market today. When a diver opts for the XS Scuba pocket system, they inadvertently sign up for a harness that provides more sturdy buoyancy and the best comfort attainable in a lead weight pocket.

To use, simply attach the pocket to your belt by sliding it over onto any area or aspect that you want to use the weight. In case you fancy the XS Scuba brand because of the assurance they have been delivering over the years, you can use the weight pocket with their Pony-Pac harness that provides a strong and highly durable hook and loop closure. This way, you are assured of a good level of efficiency in usage.

  1. XS Scuba Weight Belt

Best Scuba weight System

Material:  Belt: 2 inches (5.1 Cm) Nylon Webbing With Stainless Steel Weight Keepers. Buckle: Glass Filled Nylon. Pocket: 1000 Denier Cordura

Lead Type: Hard or Soft

Closure: Hook and Loop

Weight Capacity: 5 lbs. (2.27kg)

Given XS Scuba track record in the production of high-end scuba diving gears, we can comfortably say that their weight belt harness system is one of the best and most comfortable belts available on the market today. It can be adjusted to fit every diver and still deliver the comfort that XS Scuba is known for. All the pockets on the belt have that are sewn together for easier use. The pockets are sewn with double using the double needle stitching that gives it the best assurance of strength and durability.

Large hook and loop closures reduce the chance of weight loss while the unused pockets hook and loop is designed to be flat and streamlined to your body. The belt is equipped with a quick release molded glass filled nylon buckle and four stainless steel weight keepers which prevent the pockets from shifting along the belt webbing. Each belt comes equipped with a quick-disconnect clip for attachment of accessory items.

  1. Pinnacle Comfo Belt

Best Scuba weight System

Material:  Belt: 2 inches (5.1 Cm) Nylon Webbing. Buckle: Stainless Steel. Pocket: Nylon With Taped And Sewn Edges

Lead Type: Hard or Soft

Closure: Latch-Style Buckle

Weight Capacity: 7 lbs. (3.2kg)

The Pinnacle Comfo Belts have been known to have a very good quality weight system, and they come in different colors. This makes it one of the best aesthetically good and functionally awesome scuba diving harness around. The belt is very effective at meeting the buoyancy need of all types of divers ranging from drysuit divers, to professionals and large body-sized divers who require more to balance up their buoyancy. Whatever your dive need, you can count on the Pinnacle Comfo to delivers just well for it.

The Belt is designed with a dynamically durable and sturdy material: nylon webbing waist strap while the latch style buckle is made from good grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant. Delivering much more than just a balance system, it also features a self-draining system that gets rid of water trapped in the pockets after getting out of the ocean. Finally, you will like the rubber friction strips that keep the belt from sliding or slipping around your wetsuit.

  1. Sporasub Marseille Belt Weight System

Best Scuba weight System

Material:  Belt: Rubber. Buckle: Nickel-Plated Brass.

Lead Type: Hard Or Soft With Pockets

Closure: Marseille Buckle

Weight Capacity: 1.2 lbs. (0.54kg)

If you as a diver fancy the stand alone type of weight belt, and you take a special interest in a system that won’t fail you by slipping around your waist thus affecting your balance, then the Sporasub harness belt is your best bet. It takes away the risk or chances of the weight belt being displaced thus affecting your buoyancy underwater.

This gear comprises of a rubber belt that can be stretched tight when you are out of the water and it compresses as you descend into the water. This simple yet tactical design helps to reduce the belts’ circumference around your waist and stall the chances of the belt loosening while diving. The belt will then re-expand upon ascent, remaining comfortable-and-secure throughout the dive.

It is comes equipped with standard Marseille buckle which is manufactured by compression molding from a highly elastic natural rubber. The metal buckle is made of corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass for more efficiency in delivery. The belt holding system is a rubber crotch strap that will keep it more stable when you are inverted making a head-first surface dive.

  1. Aqua Neoprene Weight Belt

Best Scuba weight System

Material: Belt: Nylon Webbing. Buckle: Plastic. Pockets: Neoprene

Lead Type: Block Or Soft Pouch

Closure: Latch-Style Quick-Release Buckle

Weight Capacity: 1.2 lbs. (0.54kg)

Being that it is made from good quality Neoprene materials, this pocket weight belt system is a very durable and an easy to use kit that not only delivers top-notch weight buoyancy but also does it in a very comfortable manner. The Neoprene belt delivers the best in weighting when it is combined with shot lead pouches so that it works as a totally “soft” weight belt giving you a very good level of comfort.

The belt is made from 5 mm neoprene materials with heavy-duty 2 inches nylon webbing for added durability. It also highly non-corrosive and has an impact-resistant plastic buckle for the best durability.

The Aqua neoprene weight belt is commonly used for all diving applications, recreation, warm water and more. The weight belt is popular because divers like its easy to use, functional, improve the diving experience, lightweight, solid construction qualities.