Sentinel Redhead Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Review

Sentinel Redhead Closed Circuit Rebreather Review


This high-grade scuba rebreather has been tested and affirmed to be more flood resistance and has a better PPO2 tracking ability than what is available on the market now. In any circumstance, this attribute is good enough a reason to take the Sentinel Redhead as a choice rebreather for any diver. Now, combine that with the fact that it also does a better work of breathing and has a new O2 sensor module that works amazingly well and you will agree that the Redhead took rebreather technology in scuba diving to a whole new level. In this Sentinel Redhead CCR review, we examine the intricacies of this dynamic rebreather as an ideal choice for all deep diving occasions and diver type.

The O2 sensors of the Redhead respond exceptionally well to changes in resource level and reduce the effort required to monitor PPO2, CO2, battery, scrubber time remaining. These precursory accessories helps to systematically keep divers in the loop of floods, poor material, etc. In contrast to traditional rebreather design, the Sentinel Redhead rebreather features a single back mounted counter-lung.

This means that divers are presented with a clear chest for stages, positioning cameras or just squeezing through tight spaces.  Both a diver (with vibrating alarm) and buddy HUD means everyone is aware of the state of your rebreather, an excellent feature when team diving.  It also features an independent backup display that serves as an alternative source of monitoring your PO2 in the loop, making a full bailout scenario even less likely. We say that is double edge assurance of security taken to a new height.

Sentinel Redhead CCR Review

In purchasing the Redhead, a diver has gotten the best exploration grade rebreather that is completely kitted with all that is needed for instant diving. This means that there is no additional need for extras. It comes kitted with the cylinders, wings, harness, stainless steel backpalte, CO2 sensors, oxygen cells etc. Matter-of-fact, you have everything that you require to go diving straight out of the box.

The Sentinel Redhead can rightly be said to be a composition of the most unique technologies in a scuba rebreather. It is fitted with OLED handsets, it has a waterproof cabin that keeps the inside dry and clean, a primary and secondary Head-Up Displays and many other dynamic features that make the Redhead a choice rebreather for divers from various parts of the world.

The Sentinel RedHead also features a fully functioning gaseous CO2 sensor.  This gives a constant reading on the amount of CO2 present within the breathing loop and is a breakthrough in rebreather safety and technology.

A modular plug and play cable system mean most components on the Sentinel RedHead such as handsets and HP senders can be changed on the boat or shore in a matter of seconds.

By all standards, there is no doubt that the Sentinel Redhead is precisely designed to be the height of expedition level rebreather technology. This is because, by all indications, it performs above and beyond most of the rebreathers available on the market today and also has a far better specification and features too.

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Counter-lung Over-The-Shoulder
Maximum Depth 40 Meters with Diluent Air
Scrubber Material Sofnolime 797
Scrubber Duration 3 Hours
Weight 17 kg (When Empty)
Tank Capacity 2 – 3 Liters

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  • High-grade scrubber duration
  • The best low rate work of breathing from any rebreather
  • CE approved BOV
  • Possesses primary and secondary HUD with vibration
  • Kitted with a fully intelligent secondary handset
  • OLED colored displays
  • Independent water-proof cabin for dry and clean kit
  • Robust CO2 gas monitoring features
  • Highly efficient pressure monitoring abilities
  • Durable and high-grade batteries that last longer

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Pros and Cons

  • Designed with a unique carbon dioxide detection system

  • Large and heavy to use
  • Not ideal for long distance travel diving


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Editors’ Opinion

The fact that the Redhead does a better work of breathing and has a new O2 sensor module that works amazingly well gives us a heightened assurance that Sentinel took rebreather technology in scuba diving to a whole new level with the Redhead.

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