Scubapro Novalight 720R

A Review

Scubapro Novalight 720R


There are many underwater illumination brands out there today and all of them claims to be delivering high tech flashlights. Regardless, Scubapro is a renowned name for quality and efficiency when it comes to underwater illumination and other things scuba diving. In this Scubapro Novalight 720R review, we will be analyzing the features and qualities of this awesome rechargeable dive lights.

The Scubapro Novalight 720R is a highly technical light that is made from a heavy-duty aluminum material that makes it very lightweight and highly durable. It is designed with the novel Cree XPL LED that is super capable of delivering some 800 lumens of highly brilliant lights. It also has mode system that can be switched to 50% for conserving power when you don’t need to shine all the illumination.

Ease-of-use has always been ranked as one of the major determinants for choosing the best dive lights. In line with this, Scubapro made the Novalight to use an easy twist-on/twist-off system for easy lighting. With this mechanism, the diver just needs to reach out and twist the neck of the flashlight to switch it on or off as the need arise.

For a dive light that is all handled, one need it to have a good grip mechanism to enhance handling when scuba diving. The Novalight 720R is crafted with a knurling that makes it easy for a scuba diver to have a good grip on it – whether with gloved hands or bare hands. The body of the light has a raised diamond indentations on the body that makes it easy to handle and improve the grip of it.

Scubapro Novalight 720R Review

For extra security and proof from fall and shock, the Novalight 720R is made with shock-proof rubber protection on the end of the light head, this is a good source of protection for the internal electrical mechanisms and also doubles as a good non-slip feature for more enhanced grip.

For dimensional measurement, the Novalight 720R measures some 5.9 inches in length i.e. 150mm and it is powered by a single 18650 Lithium-ion battery which delivers upward of 2.5 hours burn time. It is designed to deliver optimal lighting to a maximum depth of 1000ft / 300m. The 720R light is equipped with an overpressure valve at the end cap which serves as an important safety feature not normally found on torches that are priced within the range of the Novalight.

For divers who fancy a durable, compact and lightweight dive light that can be conveniently stowed away in the pocket of their BCDs, the Scubapro Novalight is the best choice. This is because it offers maximum light intensity throughout an entire day or night of diving, and recharges quickly and easily.

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Material Body: Aluminum, Light Head Protector: Rubber
Lamp Cree XPL U2 LED
Lumens 700 to 800 Lumens
Batteries Single 18650 Lithium-Ion Batteries
Depth Rating 300 Meters
Light Modes Full Power and 50%
Burn Time Full Power: 10-Hours
Handle Handheld
Weight 0.55 lbs.


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  • Scubapro Leaps Light Years Ahead in Underwater Illumination
  • Technical to Its Core
  • Machined from Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • Lightweight and Built to Last
  • Newest CREE XPL U2 LED
  • Capable of Pumping Out Between 700 & 800 Lumens of Brilliant Illumination
  • Wide 80°-Degree Beam Angle
  • Power: Single 18650 Lithium-Ion (not included)
  • Burn Time: 2.5-Hours, Full Power
  • 50% Percent Mode: Allows Increased Burn Time
  • Depth Rating: 1000′ (300 meters)
  • Overpressure Valve for Increased Safety
  • Simple Twist-On/Twist-Off Activation
  • Double-O-Ring Seals
  • Strategically Placed Knurling: Improves Grip, Makes Twist Activation Easier
  • Shock-Proof Rubber Protector on Light Head
  • Rubber Protector: Safeguards Electronics, Provides No-Slip Surface
  • Dimensions (Length): 5″ (12.7 cm)

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Pros and Cons

  • 700/800 lumen, rechargeable, wide angle lens
  • Lamp: Cree XPL LED, Aluminum body
  • Built in overpressure valve
  • Double o-ring seals, Shock proof rubber
  • 1000′ depth rating

  • Lacks multiple light modes


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Editors’ Opinion

For divers who fancy a durable, compact and lightweight dive light that can be conveniently stowed away in the pocket of their BCDs, the Scubapro Novalight is the best choice.

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