Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Light

A Review

Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Light Review


When doing some deep sea dive into dark corridors of wrecked ships or along the dark alleys of underwater caves, a diver needs the handiest, brightest and easier-to-handle dive lights they can lay their hands on. In instances like this, you can count on the Princeton Sector 5 light. In our Princeton Tec Sector 5 review, we will be showing how the flashlight is a very useful and effective part of a diver’s kit when diving. We will also be highlighting its capacities and features as one of the best dive lights available on the market for deep diving.

Flashlights are all about brightness and illumination. In the same vein, the Princeton Sector 5 light is a very powerful light that shines brightly and effectively. It is made to be pistol like so you can have the best and most convenient grips for illuminating your way underwater. It also has four powerful C-cell alkaline batteries that are capable of providing some 24-hours of burn time. This makes the Sector 5 a highly reliable in any kind of water conditions.

It also has a new-improved trigger switch that is strategically positioned to enhance easy switching even if you are wearing thick dive gloves. Aside from the easy to use trigger switch, there is also the half-pull and full-pull features that switch on the light momentarily or constantly respectively. Here, you can choose whichever status you feel is needed at each time.

Princeton Tec Sector 5 Review

Just so there is no accidental switching on of the flashlight that can cause unnecessary power drain, the Sector 5 light is designed with a lock system for the switch on the handle. This way, the scuba diver is assured of conserved power supply at all point in the dive. If these are not high effects of a very sophisticated flashlight, then I don’t know what is.

The Sector 5 flashlight provides some 550 lumens of brightness that makes the light very sharp and focused when in use. This is further corroborated with the over 170 meters of clearly lighted and optimally visible distance when shone ahead. Here, you can see that whether it is used on land or in water, you have a wide range of illuminated distance ahead. This can make a scuba diver have the best view of the surrounding areas of their dive and make better navigational judgement with each swim.

Using the Sector 5 from Princeton Tec, you have a powerful light that uses the highest quality of LED bulbs available from LUMILEDS. Armed with this, you have an extremely bright and optimally efficient dive light in your care. With it, there is no limitation to how far you can go and how comfortable you can be using it.

Although it has a single LED light, the Sector 5 from Princeton Tec emits a very sleek and powerful white light that can be used for a variety of purpose.  This flashlight is lightweight weighing only 650 grams (23 oz.) so you can take it with you underwater without feeling any additional weight.

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Material Polycarbonate Plastic
Lamp 1 Maxbright LED
Lumens 550 Lumens
Batteries Four C-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included)
Depth Rating 100 Meters
Light Range 170 Meters On Land
Burn Time 24-Hours Total Burn Time with 3-Hour Regulated Medium Beam
Handle Handheld Pistol Grip
Weight 1.65lbs.


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  • Pistol Grip Spotlight
  • 550 Lumens of Brightness
  • Power: Four C-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included)
  • Compact Design
  • Burn Time: 24-Hours Total Burn Time with 3-Hour Regulated Medium Beam
  • Light Visible Distance: 557.75′ (170 meter), On Land
  • Easy-to-Use Trigger Switch
  • Switch Locks-Out To Prevent Accidental Illumination
  • Highest Quality LED: Max-Bright LED, Extremely Bright and Efficient
  • Single LED Emits Smooth, Powerful & White-Light Useful for Wide-Range of Tasks
  • Weight (with Batteries): 23 oz. (650 g)
  • Depth Rated: 330′ (100 meters), IPX8
  • Construction: High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Plastic

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Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight, high performance LED lighting
  • 550 lumens pistol grip spotlight
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Smooth and powerful white light
  • Efficient LED optic collimator

  • The flashlight is a little too bulky


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Editors’ Opinion

If any scuba diver is looking to have a very powerful and highly efficient lighting system for their dives, the Princeton Tec Sector 5 is the best option. It is as effective as it is durable and can be trusted to deliver superior quality light whether on land or underwater.

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