Light and Motion GoBe S 500

A Review

Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Beam Review


Having a lighting device with you while diving has gone past the status of just an accessory, it should be an important and integral part of every diver’s kit. Especially so, if you are diving in a wreckage site of underwater caves. In this Light and Motion GoBe S 500 review, we will be discussing the important features of the S 500 as an effective lighting device for the perfect underwater lighting need. More so, we will touch on its features, pros and cons and a few other relevant details to guide you in making a buying decision.

The GoBe S 500 from Light and Motion is not just an ordinary flashlight. It is a highly sophisticated and intricately designed super waterproof flashlight that is designed to serve as many purposes as needed for underwater lighting. It features a 10° beam that is conscientiously crafted to get rid of hotspots for divers while under water. This dynamic spot light from Light and Motion emits the perfect balance of beam distance in relation to viewing angle so that it is optimal for a number of uses.

For more sophistication, the GoBe S 500 has interchangeable light heads that can be changed to deliver peculiar beam patterns. By this, a diver using the GoBe S 500 can have one compact dive light that has the ability to deliver a number of beam patterns commensurate to the lighting need per time. Now, that is sophistication and forward-thinking in dive light technology.

Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Review

So that you don’t have any issues with failed power supply, the battery compartment of the GoBe S 500 is sealed shut with a thick ring around the end of the light head. This is used to protect the battery connector from moist that can impact its functionality. Also, the light is very compact in size and has is designed to be easily graspable for the best maneuverability.

The GoBe S 500 has a bespoke reflector that is intricately crafted to optimize the light and have it delivers the most effective and efficient distribution of light for any purpose whatsoever.  One awesome thing about the GoBe S 500 beam spotlight is that it is designed to create the perfect beam for any kind of lighting use: hiking, diving, home-use flashlight etc.

With a color temperature of 6,000 to 6,500 Kelvin and 500 Lumens, this beam light is made from one of the best bulbs around. This is the Cree LED bulb of the highest level available today. Much more than just this, the flashlight can also be used at an underwater depth of 120 meters.

For safety and security of life when used underwater – scuba diving – the light has an SOS functioning light that can be used for emergency signaling by divers to other divers. This helps divers to be assured that the GoBe S 500 does more than just provide light, it also works for emergency signaling.

Judging on the effectiveness of this light, it has a burn time of 1.5 hours when switched to high-mode, 3 hours at medium mode and 12 hours in low mode. So, you can choose whichever modes please you depending on your need at the time. Measuring the dimension of the GoBe S 500, it has a length by width by breadth dimension of 4.9 inches by 1.9 inches by 1.9 inches. That is some 12.45 cm by 4.83 cm by 4.83 cm when measured in centimeter.

It has a durable body which is crafted with glass-filled nylon body and well-tempered glass lens for the head. It also has a Micro-USB that makes it possible to be charged with much ease.

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Material Body: Glass Filled Nylon, Lens: Tempered Glass
Lamp Cree LED Bulbs
Lumens / Kelvin 500 Lumens / 6,500 Kelvin
Batteries Rechargeable Batteries
Beam Angle 20° Degree
Light Mode High-Mode: 500 Lumens, Med-Mode: 225 Lumens, Low-Mode: 70 Lumens
Burn Time High-Mode: 1.5-Hours, Med-Mode: 3-Hours , Low-Mode: 12-Hours
Dimension (L x W x D) 4.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″ (12.45cm x 4.83cm x 4.83cm)
Weight 6 oz. (172 kg)

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  • Innovative Design: Interchangeable Light Heads for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Completely Sealed Battery Compartment
  • Small and Compact Design
  • Use Both Above and Below the Water
  • Ultimate Waterproof Flashlight
  • Depth Rating: 394′ (120 meters)
  • 20° Degree Beam Angle
  • Engineered with Highest Level CREE LEDs
  • Optimized Firmware
  • Certified to FL-1 Standard
  • Perfect for General Use as Standard Flashlight, Bike Light, or Dive Light
  • 4-Light Modes: High, Med, Low and SOS
  • High Burn Time
  • Color Temperature: 6000 6500 Kelvin
  • Rechargeable Battery with 4.5-Hour Charge Time
  • Micro-USB: Provides Most Versatile & Convenient Options for Charging
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D) 4.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″ (12.45cm x 4.83cm x 4.83cm)
  • Weight: 6 oz. (172g)
  • Included Mounting Options: Bar Mount, Handheld, Lanyard
  • Body and Head Splash Caps
  • Spare O-Ring and Tube of O-Ring Grease

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Pros and Cons

  • Ultimate Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Piercing Beam
  • Optimized Firmware
  • Certified to FL-1 Standard

  • No Leach or Handle Strap For Easier handling


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Editors’ Opinion

This is a very compact sized and highly efficient flashlight that delivers way bigger than the size of the light itself.

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