Mares Force Nano Plus Dive Knife

A Review

Mares Force Nano Plus Dive Knife Review


There is more to every dive knife than just the use of cutting lines and tearing things. By all standards, a good dive blade should be ideal for all round use and in any situation that demands the need for one. In this Mares Force knife review, we will argue that it has the sufficient features and characteristic to be an ideal knife in any circumstance and situation that any scuba diver may find themselves.

Designed to work with a series of standard accessories, this knife will fit in easily to any of Mares BCs, bags, and hoses. This makes it an ideal knife option if you already have other Mares diving gears. In the case where you have other brands, this dynamic knife can also be used alongside them without any hitch or problem. It has a grip that features soft over-molding for a secured hold. So, you don’t have to worry about the knife falling off accidentally. The 65mm stainless steel blade with built-in line cutter is covered in a special PVD treatment that prevents the blade surface from oxidizing.

In design, the Force Nano Plus Knife is a compact-sized blunt-tipped dive knife which possesses an ergonomic handle so that it can be wielded with much ease and comfort. The knife blade features a line cutter on the rear edge and a serrated and normal blade section on the leading edge. Its blunt end ensures that the diver does not get in the accident of stabbing or injuring themselves. Meanwhile, it is also strong enough to be used for prying open anything that needs to be forced open. The blade is made of premium grade stainless steel and further coated with PVD to enhance the knife’s life.

Mares Force Knife review

It comes in a hard plastic sleeve with a positive locking mechanism that will ensure the knife stays in place when not required. The release button on the sheath is large enough to operate with gloves easily. It is supplied with leg/arm two straps, grommets and loops to attach to a Mares BCD or hose if you don’t want to mount it to yourself.

Mares Force Nano is a compact knife is best fitted for any situation or diving need. The kit comes with some accessories that make it easy for divers to fasten the knife to other diving gears like BCDs, bags, and hoses. The handle is designed with a soft over molding feature to give divers a secure grip. The special PVD treatment technology in it helps prevents the surface from oxidizing.

The blade features a serrated edge for “sawing” through the thicker rope, a cutting edge and a line cutter; all fitted to an over-molded handle with soft grips. The knife fits into a hard sheath and locks into place using a simple spring-loaded button lock that is operated with one hand.

In case you already have some other Mares diving gear like BCDs and bags, this knife is very compatible to give you the best hook and to strap you can ever get from a leg straps and hose attachment straps.

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Steel Material PVD Treated Stainless Steel
Handle Material Soft Over-Molded Plastic
Knife Tip Style Blunt
Blade Length 2.56 Inches (65 mm)
Line Cutter Present
Blade Type Partially Serrated
Sheath Has a Compact Sheath System


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  • Compact Knife Design
  • Series of Standard Accessories to Fasten-the-Knife to Mares BCs, Bags, Diver and Hoses
  • Soft Over-Molding Hand Grip for Secure Hold and Ease-of-Use
  • Knife Handle Equipped with Hole for Attachment of Wrist Lanyard
  • Set of Accessories for Fastening to Equipment: Two-Leg Straps, Hose Laces, and BCD Mounting Knobs
  • Blade Length: 2.56″ (65 mm)
  • Stainless Steel Blade with Special PVD Treatment: Prevents Blade Surface from Oxidizing
  • Blunt Tip Design
  • Multi-Tool Function
  • Blade: Partially-Serrated Edge
  • Noncorrosive Impact Resistant Plastic Sheath

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Pros and Cons

  • Compact, multi-function knife design
  • Soft over molded hand grip for a secure hold
  • Stainless steel blade with PVD treatment
  • Versatile blunt tip design
  • Partially serrated edge

  • Quite Expensive


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Editors’ Opinion

Designed to work with a series of standard accessories, this knife will fit in easily to any of Mares BCs, bags, and hoses. This makes it an ideal knife option if you already have other Mares diving gears.

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