Aqua Lung Squeeze Titanium Dive Knife

A Review

Aqua Lung Squeeze Titanium Dive Knife Review

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The need for a dive knife may appear not so crucial on the surface, but you should not treat it as a trivial scuba diving gear to go diving without. It could come in handy when you need to cut yourself loose from any entanglement or need to pry open an underwater case. Given the importance of the dive knife, the Aqua Lung Squeeze is a perfect dive knife for every kind of divers to have and use. In this Aqua Lung dive knife review, we shall be highlighting all the adorable features of this amazing gear.

Dubbed the ‘Squeeze’ because of its squeeze lock handle design that makes the knife safe to store and easy to use, this knife is one that no diver will regret having whether it is used or not. To use it, all you need do is squeeze the handle and the sheath will be released without a fuss. You will agree that this knife brings utility and sophistication together in one pack. If you are using the Aqua Lung BCD, you have a better chance of mounting the knife because of the custom design for that purpose.

Aqua Lung Dive Knife Review

In use, the Aqua Lung Squeeze has proven itself a knife that has one of the best sheath mechanisms out there. To unsheathe it, all a diver need to do is grab the handle and squeeze the comfortable colored tabs to unlock and unsheathe the knife. It is as easy as anything. I believe that every diver values the comfort of ease when it comes to their scuba gears, the Aqua Lung Squeeze meets that requirement while still offering some more.

The Line Cutter works excellently, and the serrated edge has the capacity to tear through any type of rope with ease. The blunt tip makes it great for chipping away barnacles or prying things open. Slick and compact at a reasonable price sums up the Aqualung squeeze. One of the best dive knives for those looking for a compact option.

It is a user-proven and highly sought-after dive knife that is as sophisticated in design as it is in use. It comes in a variety of color and mounting style options, and can easily be mounted to the left pocket of most Aqua Lung BC’s. In dimension, the knife measures a 3 inches by 3 inches (i.e. 7.6 cm) blade, with an overall length of 6.5 inches (i.e. 16.5 cm). The blade of this great knife is made from high-grade beta alloy titanium while the lock system is patented and securely locks the knife in the sheath, but releases easily with a squeeze of the handle.

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Steel Material Beta Alloy Titanium
Handle Material Plastic
Knife Tip Style Tanto
Blade Length 3 inches by 3 inches (i.e. 7.6 cm)
Overall Length 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
Blade Type One Side Serrated Edge, One Side Straight Edge
Sheath Has a Compact Sheath System


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  •  Perfect Knife Accessory
  • Aqua Lung Wenoka Series of Knives
  • Time Proven and Sought After Patented Squeeze Lock Design
  • Securely Locks Knife in Sheath & Allows Easy Release
  • Variety of Color and Mounting Options
  • Easily Mounted to Left Pocket of Most Aqua Lung BC’s
  • Blade Length: 3″ 3″ (7.6 cm)
  • Overall Length: 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
  • Blade Steel: High-Grade Beta Alloy Titanium
  • Tip Style: Stiletto
  • Blade Type: One Side; Serrated Edge. One Side Straight Edge
  • Mounting Options: Stainless Steel Barnacle Nuts & Bolts, Hose Mounting Straps.
  • Sheath Material: Plastic
  • 3-inch blade and 3.5-inch handle (6.5-inch total length)
  • 304 series stainless steel
  • The locking mechanism secures the knife which is released when the handle is squeezed
  • Multiple mounting options (depending on the BCD)
  • Stainless steel ‘Barnacle Nuts’ and bolts for mounting through the fabric or through the stainless steel grommets on your Aqualung BCD
  • Attach to webbing with a locking belt clip
  • Mount to the BCD inflator hose with hose mounting straps
  • The sheath includes molded strap slots for use with rubber leg straps (not included)

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Pros and Cons

  • Stiletto tip blade design
  • Single side serrated edge blade
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Positive grip plastic handle
  • High-grade beta alloy Titanium blade

  • Rather small in size for handling with glove


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Editors’ Opinion

Dubbed the ‘Squeeze’ because of its squeeze lock handle design that makes the knife safe to store and easy to use, this knife is one that no diver will regret having whether it is used or not.

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