Top 8 Best Scuba Dive Knife Review

Buying Guide & Advice

 Image Brand  Blade Type Materials Blade Tip and Style  Price
Best Dive Knife Cressi Skorpion 1 Side: Full Straight Blade, I Side: Partially Serrated Blade: Stainless Steel. Handle: Techno-Polymer  Sharp Drop Point Tip and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Spyderco Atlantic Folding Knife Full Serrated Edge Blade: Stainless Steel. Handle: Fiberglass-Reinforced-Nylon Blunt Tip and Foldable Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife Partially Serrated and Straight Edge Blade: Titanium. Handle: Plastic Drop Point and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Tusa X-Pert 2 Titanium Knife Partial Serrated Edge and Straight Edge Blade: Titanium. Handle: Rubber and Plastic Drop Point and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Promate Titanium Dive Knife One Side Serrated Edge and One Side Straight Edge Blade: Titanium. Handle: Rubber and Plastic Blunt Ti and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife XS Scuba Mini Fog-Cutter One Side Serrated Edge, One Side Straight Edge, and Scissors Blade: Stainless Steel Blunt Tip and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Mares Force Nano Plus Knife Partially Serrated Blade: Stainless Steel Blunt Tip and Fixed Blade $$
Best Dive Knife Aqua Lung Squeeze One Side Serrated, One Side Blade Edge Blade: Stainless Steel, Handle: Plastic Blunt Tip and Fixed Blade $$

Top 8 Best Scuba Dive Knife – Buyers Guide and Review

A dive knife is a tool that divers periodically use for cutting loops and webbed fishing line or any other entanglement that hinders good movement while diving. There may be other improvised use of this tool as best deemed fit by divers, but they are not designed to harm aquatic creatures or disrupt the atmosphere down there. A dive knife may be a small member of your scuba diving kit, but it should not be relegated to the background when it comes to ranking based on the importance of use. Many expert reviews recurrently state that dive knife are best to have on and not need to use than need it and not have it on. Basically, you may only need it to cut yourself free when entangled in a fishing line or to pry open an enclosed surface at the bottom of the water. Whatever you need it for, the best dive knives should be easy to strap, use and sheath whenever the need for such arise.

In previous articles, we have discussed extensively on other essential scuba diving gears like the BCD, Regulator and Diving Fins. I am going to approach the topic of scuba dive knives with just that much importance because it is a crucial part of your diving gear and it is good to have it on during dives. In this article, we will get acquainted first with a few things that you need to consider when opting for a dive knife then we go on to share our compiled list of best scuba diving knives.

Things To Consider When Picking A Good Dive Knife For Scuba Diving

Dive Knife Material (Stainless Steel or Titanium)

There are two types of materials in use for building good dive knives: stainless steel and titanium. Each of this has their merits and demerits.

The stainless steel is easier to sharpen and use, but on the downside, it can be highly prone to rust and corrosion especially if you dive in saltwater. To help with this, it is best that you rinse it off the after each use and dry them properly.

Titanium knives, however, are made of highly durable and lightweight material (titanium) that is very good against rust and corrosion. They do not require any type of maintenance whatsoever because they are made of good grade materials. On the downside, however, titanium knives have proven hard to sharpen.

So, you can make your choice about which type to use based on the insights shared above. For recommendation purpose, I propose that recreational divers may use stainless steel scuba knives while professionals may use the titanium made ones since they are the ones who may really need to use a one while diving.

Scuba Diving Knife Blade Type (Serrated / Non-Serrated or Mixed)

Dive knives can have either serrated or non-serrated edge – meaning that they may have a jagged saw-like edge while the non-serrated knife has a smooth, sharp edge (like your kitchen knife). Since the different blade types are used for the various cutting reasons, some scuba dive knife brands have made some with mixed type i.e. having both serrated edge and non-serrated edge.

Serrated knives are good for cutting toughened and rough materials while the non-serrated knives are best for cutting natural entanglements like seaweeds and other vegetation. Whichever type you choose, make sure to know the environment you intend to dive in and know which dive knife type will be best to work in it.

Dive Blade Tip Type (Blunt or Sharp Tip)

Some blade comes with sharp pointed tips or a blunt tip based on the need of divers who need to use them. As a means to bridge the gap between the need for using a blunt and a sharp tip knife in one dive, we have the tanto styled tip which is a cross between both.

For all divers, I recommend getting the blunt tipped because it is best to reduce any chance of self-inflicted accidents while diving. More so, a blunt tipped scuba dive knives are good for prying open, digging, chiseling, etc.

The sharp tipped scuba knife is good for cutting and puncturing surface, but it may not really be needed because there are very few things to puncture or tear underwater. However, do not misconstrue this position to mean that you do away from the sharp-tipped knives

Dive Knife Sheath

Many divers have been pictured as fastening the sheath to their legs and some on their arms. The idea behind this is to place it in the best place where you can quickly reach out for it when needed. Quite recently, a new phase of sheathing position or location has surfaced, and that is in the BCD. The main reason for this is so that you don’t forget to take it with you when you enter the water.

Whatever sheathing position you prefer, ensure that the sheath hold fit finely and you can conveniently reach for it without any hindrance. Once this is in place, you are assured of a good scuba diving session with no hassle.

Scuba Knife Style (Fixed or Foldable Blade)

For different divers, the best dive knife can either be one with foldable blades or with a fixed one. Much of the decision, in this case, is based on convenience than on functionality.

Whereas foldable blades are more compact and can be stowed away easily, fixed dive knives usually come with a sheath for protection against self-inflicted accidents. The downside, however, is that foldable knives are not good for divers who have their hands busied from carrying other things as they need to be opened with both hands.


  1. Cressi Skorpion Knife

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Stainless Steel. Handle: Techno-Polymer

Blade Type: 1 Side: Full Straight Blade, I Side: Partially Serrated

Tip Type: Sharp Drop Point Tip

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

When you are talking about a dive knife is a versatile and dynamic in use, the Cressi Skorpion is your best option. It possesses some top functions that divers have found very useful over time. First, it has a sharp tip that is good for tearing and prying things open. Secondly, it comes with the best serrated back edge that comes in handy for sawing through tough materials when diving and finally a custom line cutter that easily cut any line.

Another aspect of its versatility is the metal butt that is a good improvisation for hammering things in when you need to do so. Taken that it is made of stainless steel and can be prone to corrosion, once you give it a thorough rinse after each dive, you are sure to have no problem with rust using it. By all standards, the Skorpion is a highly affordable dive knife which makes it attractive to a wide range of divers. It is designed with a sheath that is tamper and impact proof, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking while in use.

This dive tool is designed with a durable and ergonomically designed techno-polymer handle with finger grips and thumb tab that gives divers a comfortable feel on the hand.

  1. Spyderco Atlantic Folding Dive Knife

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Stainless Steel. Handle: Fiberglass-Reinforced-Nylon

Blade Type: Full Serrated Edge

Tip Type: Blunt Rounded Tip

Blade Style: Foldable Blade

Being that safety is a crucial factor in selecting your best dive knife option, it is important that you look out for one that is designed with that consciousness in mind. Spyderco has been known as the best in it range regarding general safety and convenience of use. Designed with a rounded tip that has been tested among divers not only to be safe but very good for functioning as a precursory part.

For all diving need, this stainless steel knife has proven to be quite versatile in use and design. Although many stainless steel knives have been adjudged as highly prone to rust especially when used in saltwater, the Spyderco is a good exception to that. Designed with a rustproof H1 steel which is fabricated with nitrogen components instead of the common carbon, has been tested to be anti-rust and corrosion. Apart from its anti-rust feature, it also gets harder and tougher with use making it a good choice for divers.  So now you have one more good reason to opt for this dynamic and sophisticated dive knife.

The serrated hollow-ground edge offers remarkable cutting performance in and around fresh and saltwater. It also offers a handle that is textured with a volcano grip pattern and molded with fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) for the firm handling. For use, you will enjoy the reversible titanium pocket clip that works whether you are right handed or left handed.

  1. Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Titanium. Handle: Plastic

Blade Type: Partial Serrated E

dge and Straight Edge

Tip Type: Drop Point

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

Scubapro is a brand that has long been renowned for quality delivery in diving materials. They have carried that tradition into the production of a high-grade dive tool that can consciously be adjudged as one of the best dive knives available today. Made from the best quality titanium materials, the Mako Knife is a lightweight and multi-dimensional knife that will conveniently meet all your diving needs and then some more.

It is a compact tool with titanium blade that is incredibly durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and has the hardness to take and hold a sharp edge. Won’t you agree that all those are fitting definitions of a good dive knife?

The Mako Titanium multi-function tool that has a serrated edge which comes in handy for the best sawing session through ropes. It is also built with a conventional edge that is best for any type of slicing cuts, a line-cutting notch, and a bottle opener. The Mako has a tanto tip and an angled shape making it one of the strongest knife points available. Combine these features with the two-type blade edges it comes with, and you have a truly excellent general purpose dive knife in your care.

Above all, Mako offers a handle that is designed to provide plenty of gripping area as well as thumb guards to keep the tool from slipping. You will also find the locking sheath very convenient especially the one-hand release mechanism.

  1. Tusa X-Pert 2 Titanium Drop Point Dive Knife

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Titanium. Handle: Rubber and Plastic

Blade Type: Partial Serrated Edge and Straight Edge

Tip Type: Drop Point

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

This dive knife is a fantastically all-weather knife because it is very sophisticated and oozes versatility from all angles. Let us get to meet this highly dynamic dive knife. Tusa X-Pert 2 is designed as dual-purpose edges having one serrated edge and another clean cutting edge for sawing through obstructions and slicing through entanglements whenever you encounter them. There is a cutter affixed that is intelligently sharp at cutting any line as efficiently as you need it to; the rubber grip assures you of one of the most comfortable grips you can think of.

For a very convenient stowaway, X-Pert comes with a sleek designed plastic sheath and a push button mechanism that releases the knife with a smooth ease whenever you need it. Being that it is made from good grade titanium, you are guaranteed to have the best result when you need to sharpen it. More so, it will stay sharp for longer and resist rust from sea water far better than other cheap alloy style diving knives.

The hand grip has an eyelet in case you need to attach a wrist lanyard while the sheaths have easy adjustable buckles and straps that allow for a comfortable fit.

  1. Promate Titanium Dive Knife

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Titanium. Handle: Rubber and Plastic

Blade Type: One Side Serrated Edge and One Side Straight Edge

Tip Type: Blunt Tip

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

Promate dive knife comes designed with a titanium blade that is a little bit short of 5 inches and blunt tip for safety. It is serrated on one side and has a smooth cutting edge on the other end then an additional line cutter for a complete scuba diving knife need.

The Promate Scuba Dive Titanium Knife is an affordable item, so you don’t have to worry about a costly option. The handle has an integrated, full tang that provides full support and a good grip to the user. There is also a small titanium hammer designed to handle small objects. So, in all, it makes a perfect fit for our list of best dive knives.

Being that it is made from titanium, the blade is known for its excellent sharpness retention. The tip is blunt and safe to use, while still offering high-quality performance. In case you need to clean it, the design allows divers to disassemble it from the handle for simple cleaning.

The straps are readily available, and the included sheath will keep the diver’s knife close and secure, to protect them from injury while diving. The straps have a safe locking system that keeps this tool, safely attached to the diver’s belt or thigh.

  1. XS Scuba Mini Fog-Cutter

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: One Side Serrated Edge, One Side Straight Edge, and Scissors

Tip Type: Blunt Tip

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

XS Scuba Mini Fog-Cutter dive knife has proven itself as a versatile diver’s tool. Built with a unique design that allows the diver to use either of the straight edge or the serrated edge, the XS Scuba Mini Fog-Cutter is every divers’ dream dive knife. It also is equipped with a line cutter, and its blunt tip can be used as a flat screwdriver. To access the scissors part, just release the handle latch, and you now have a pair of scissors that can cut almost anything. The Fog-Cutter is compact and low profile knife that can be mounted in a variety of ways and kept close at hand. Installation on your BCD or a High-Pressure Hose is just some of the best mounting options you have.

Built to last with its 420-stainless steel blade that is chromate treated for rust prevention, all you need to do is rinse the knife with fresh tap water, and it will be ready for its next use. The blade measures some 3.25 inches (8.3 cm) with an overall length of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) and has a secure and quick access sheath that is compact in size can be adjudged a good choice for a diver’s tool.

  1. Mares Force Nano Plus

Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Partially Serrated

Tip Type: Blunt Tip

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

Mares Force Nano is a compact knife is best fitted for any situation or diving need. The kit comes with some accessories that make it easy for divers to fasten the knife to other diving gears like BCDs, bags, and hoses. The handle is designed with a soft over molding feature to give divers a secure grip. The special PVD treatment technology in it helps prevents the surface from oxidizing.

The blade features a serrated edge for “sawing” through the thicker rope, a cutting edge and a line cutter; all fitted to an over-molded handle with soft grips. The knife fits into a hard sheath and locks into place using a simple spring-loaded button lock that is operated with one hand.

In case you already have some other Mares diving gear like BCDs and bags, this knife is very compatible to give you the best hook and to strap you can ever get from a leg straps and hose attachment straps.

  1. Aqua Lung Squeeze

 Best Dive Knife

Material: Blade: Stainless Steel, Handle: Plastic

Blade Type: One Side Serrated, One Side Blade Edge

Tip Type: Blunt Tip

Blade Style: Fixed Blade

In use, the Aqua Lung Squeeze have proven itself a knife that has one of the best sheath mechanisms out there. To unsheathe it, all a diver need to do is grab the handle and squeeze the comfortable colored tabs to unlock and unsheathe the knife. It is as easy as anything. I believe that every diver values the comfort of ease when it comes to their scuba gears, the Aqua Lung Squeeze meets that requirement while still offering some more.

The Line Cutter works excellently, and the serrated edge has the capacity to tear through any type of rope with ease. The blunt tip makes it great for chipping away barnacles or prying things open. Slick and compact at a reasonable price sums up the Aqualung squeeze. One of the best dive knives for those looking for a compact option.