Akona Expedition Roller Bag

A Review

Akona Expedition Roller Bag Review


In this Akona Expedition Roller Bag review, we shall be examining the capacity and features inherent in this value-oriented roller bag. It is true that all bags can pack things, but what needs to be ascertained is the quality and capacity of the said bag. In the case of the Akona Expedition Roller Bag, it has been tested multiple times to hold the ability of conveniently packing all your scuba diving gears without a fuss. In the same vein, it is strong enough to deliver a comfortable and assured feeling when wheeled around or carried by the handle.

The Akona Expedition Roller Bag is not just a design marvel; it is also a concentrated on being as lightweight as possible so that user only feel they are carrying the weight of their scuba diving gears – no additional weight added from the bag itself. This can be the difference between a very comfortable haulage experience and a very discomforting one. With its ‘U’ shape design, the Expedition is constructed to carry all of your scuba diving gear and still have enough room for some more.

Akona Expedition Roller Bag Review

It is made from high-quality and exceptionally durable and tough 600-D polyester fabric which is a sure bet guaranteed protection against wear and tear. Much more than just its rugged outlook, this material is reckoned for its excellent aesthetic design abilities and high functionality in delivery. Given the unique protective nature of the Expedition roller bag, a diver can be rest assure that their expensive gears are well-protected when in transit inside this bag as much as it will be when packed in storage.

And in case you need to travel to your diving location, the Akona Expedition roller bag meets the size requirement by dimension of most airline luggage details. So, there is no reason to worry about having to stow your expensive gears in the back with other things. Measuring the dimension, the Expedition takes a measurement of 19 inches by 30 inches by 13 inches in size. To measure this in centimeter, it will be 48.3 cm by 76.2 cm by 33 cm. when empty, the bag only weighs some 11lbs. of weight that’s is 5kg if you are measuring in kilograms.

Worrying if that dimension can contain all of your diving gears at a go? You don’t have to worry. The Expedition has an interior space of 7,410 cubic inches i.e. 121.43 liters. For all this weight and size, the Expedition comes with a solid and replaceable heavy duty wheels on which you can wheel all the weights while pulling along with its telescoping trolley handle. This handle can be hidden away under the zippered compartment designed specifically for that purpose.

Looking at the interior, the main compartment of the Expedition is constructed with a dual-zipper slider that also has a pull tab and a zipper protector cover to keep dirt and sand from getting into the zipper teeth. Just so you can keep all your wet gears properly, the Expedition has a big mesh pocket on the inside where you can keep the wet gears separately. This mesh pocket can be accessed from the outside too.

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Material 600-D Polyester With Stainless Steel Hardware
Bag Type Roller Travel Bag
Handles Telescoping Trolley Handle With Top, Bottom and Side Grab Handles
Wheels Strong and Replaceable Heavy-Duty Wheels
Total Measurement in Inches and cm 19 inches by 30 inches by 13 inches (48.3cm by 76.2 cm by 33cm)
Volume in Cubic Inches and Liters 7,410 Cubic Inches (121.43 Liters)
Bag Weight (when empty) 11 lbs. (5kg)
Closure Type Zippers
Weight 15.8 lbs.


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  • Lightweight and Easy To Carry Around
  • Designed-to-Carry Full-Set of Dive Equipment and then Some More
  • Sturdy and Durable 600-D Polyester Construction
  • New Fashion-Forward Fabrics Chosen for Design-and-Functionality
  • Meets Dimensional Size-Requirements of Most-Airline Checked Luggage
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 30″ x 13″ (48.3cm x 76.2cm x 33cm)
  • Volume: 7,410 cubic inches (121.43 liters)
  • Weight (empty): 11lbs (5kg)
  • Heavy Duty Replaceable Wheels and Stainless Steel Axles
  • Telescoping Trolley-Handle with Zippered Hide-a-Way Closure
  • Lift-the-Bag at Check-In or from Baggage Carousel: Easy with Low-Profile Top and Side-Grab Handles and the Hard-Plastic Bottom Handle
  • Main Compartment: Dual-Zipper Sliders with Branded Pull-Tabs along with a Zipper-Protector Overlapping Cover
  • Large Internal Mesh Pocket Separates Wet Gear
  • Mesh Pocket: Accessible from Outside of Bag
  • Internal Straps to Limit Load Shifting and Add Stability when Maneuvering
  • Mesh Side Pocket for Travel Documents, Magazines, or Accessories
  • Great Travel-Friendly-Roller-Bag

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Pros and Cons

  • Built to carry a full set of dive equipment
  • Made for world travel
  • Extremely durable and tough

  • A little bit bulky
  • Relatively costly


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Editors’ Opinion

If the choice of bag for carrying your diving gear is one that can take all your gears at a go and still have enough space for other accessories while being sizeable enough to be carried around, then the Akona Expedition is your best bet.

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